Winter slumber

Welcome to the frozen, arctic wasteland that the barnyard has become. We have seen -33 degrees f. this week. Then we were blessed with 5 inches of snow. Will this winter ever end? Sometimes it doesn’t seem like it. C’mon spring!

DSC 0133

So, obviously with the cold and the snow we are feeding. Good hay. And a lot of it. When we drive into the pasture with the hay truck we are welcomed. Here is Bandit, Clovis (behind) and Dime a Dozen coming up with his blanket butt in the rear.

DSC 0129

Here is Casper. With the golden children in the back waking up from their naps. Lucky and Dollar.

DSC 0146

The steel gray filly. All covered in snow and cold. What should we name her?

DSC 0153

Everyone came right up and got in the chow line. I am driving. Because I am a wimp like that. The Western Original is out in the cold. Doing the manual labor. I like it like that.

DSC 0154

But Taffy is just standing there. All alone. She is not coming to eat.

DSC 0155

Ya. Everyone else is eating.

DSC 0154 - Version 4

She has me worried. Is she sick? They are always hungry!

DSC 0154 - Version 5

There she stands. She can’t just be sleeping. The horse survival instincts are way too honed to sneak up on a slumbering equine. Right?

DSC 0156

Suddenly - pop! Up comes the head. (I think she only has one eye open.)

DSC 0157

Hey guys - Where’d you go?

DSC 0159


DSC 0161

Guys! Wait for me!

DSC 0165

Don’t eat it all!

DSC 0172

I’m coming save some for me!

DSC 0174

Ahhh. Happily in line for chow!

DSC 0183

Love the sight of happy, eating horses on a cold winter day. Isn’t that Pippi Long Stocking a good looking horse? Wait till you see how gentle she is!

DSC 0227

Red and Billy Both Socks sharing a flake.

DSC 0259

Holly and Murphy’s Law being affectionate?

DSC 0263

Or not.

Thank you for joining us here at the barnyard!

I hope the weather is a little more friendly in your neck of the woods. I hope is gets alittleLOT nicer here! Come back soon!

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