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December 15, 2021

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Every Christmas I love to watch this youtube video and every year I think I need to do something like this with puppies. Every year Christmas sneaks up on me… and every year I don’t get it done. But here is a quick, cute attempt.

PS go watch this video, its adorable!

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Carol and Kaycee would be cast as Mary and Joseph, they are both calm, serene, quietly watching and pondering.

IMG 2748

Holly would be the Baby Jesus because - she is just perfect and cute and does a lot of sleeping.

IMG 2734

Walker and Rip would be the shepherds, it doesn’t take a whole host of heavenly angels to make these boys tremble in fear.

IMG 2556

Oakley would be a camel, only because when she waddled up to me yesterday and I picked her up her tummy was so full it felt like a water balloon. Also I really like camels and I really like Oakley!

IMG 2535

Tuck would be the little drummer boy, he’s little, doesn’t have a lot to give, but my goodness he’s going to give it his all! He'll rum-pa-pa-pum his little heart out for you!

IMG 2503

Cinch would be an angel, not one of those serene, quiet, dressed in white kind of angels, but a Glory to God kind of Angel!

IMG 2248

And Chonk, well Chonk would be the Angel Gabriel himself! Bringing good tidings of great Joy! With absolutely no fear whatsoever!

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Thank you so much for swinging by the Barnyard and visiting my impromptu Nativity Scene.

You can see the available mini aussies here

And available Texas Heelers here

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Do you like my puppy proof (so far knock on wood) Christmas Tree? Monster Kitty is not impressed!

Merry Christmas everyone if I don’t visit with you before then!

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