Freya’s 4th of July Litter

August 31, 2021

I took Freya’s pups down to the park again today. It's funny how each of their personalities come out so quick on these little adventures.

IMG 0681

Mia continues to be the A#1 recall expert and is the first to come every time I call the pups back to me.

IMG 0684

The look you make when you are the goodest good dog that every good dogged. Mia is Sold.

IMG 0675

Shyla kept up her reputation as being the shy, awkward one. Somehow I feel like I relate to her on a personal level.

IMG 0694-2

Shyla’s awkwardness is explained. My vet and I both suspected she had hearing limitations, but she acts like she can hear some noises. The BAER hearing test confirmed this fact. Shyla is available.

IMG 0688-3

Violet is pretty and feminine and dainty. Her eyes catch the light and sparkle in the sun.

IMG 0708

I did try to explain to her that it isn’t very lady like to eat the flowers, however. Violet is available.

IMG 0705

Chief is sold.Chief loves to lay flat out on his belly and nap during these excursions.

IMG 0733

Yep, that’s Chief, he’s a little lazy.

IMG 0695

Ice is sold.Ice loves to hunt and is constantly learning about the world around her. She doesn’t hardly stop moving and is checking everything out. Not hyper, just sniffing and looking and moving.

IMG 0742

Until she crashes.

IMG 0737

Toward the end of our trip I got these photos, they kind of perfectly sum up this fun bunch of puppies. Chief is laying on his belly, Shyla is awkwardly laying down, but not napping, Mia is sitting near me paying attention, and Violet is sleeping in a mound of flowers.

IMG 0738

And then Ice comes sniffing through.

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