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Spot the Toy Aussie

August 15, 2018 Update - Spot is sold!

We have puppies available! I have had a lot of people asking me for more photos so I am going to try to feature each of the puppies here, one at a time and tell you about them and show you more photos.

If there is a puppy you’d like to see featured please let me know! Thanks Erin! 307-254-3968.

Here is the link to the available puppies.

Spot-toy-aussie 2081

This is the one we call Spot.He is a blue merle male out of the toy litter by Porter and Holly. He has a classic merle patterned coat, fabulous full white collar and a little spot right on the top of his head. Two blue eyes. Pet price $950

Spot-Toy-Aussie 2093

He’s just playful and loving! He wants attention and his tummy scratched! They love people and want to be with you all the time!

He was honestly my first pick of the litter! I love his color and personality! He’s very unique and makes you love him.

If he was a girl he’d not be for sale. I love him!

Toy-aussie 2083

Let me know if you are interested in this kid! You’ll love him! I have a video of him I can text you as well. 307-254-3968

Thanks so much for joining me here! Come back soon!

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