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April 4, 2017

In case you hadn’t heard, I just bought a piece of land last fall. In November. I am sooo excited!

The animals are moved up there, now all I have to do is figure out the buildings and landscaping and driveway and …. well there is a lot of planning to do. Here is what I am thinking. I wanted to run it by you.

Tell me what you think.

dream home plans

Eventually I will want to build this barn that will be part house, part dog kennel and part barn. I had hoped to begin that construction this spring, but that may not happen.

Such is life, but I will need to make space for my barn in the eventual plans and lay out of the barnyard.

Google map image

This is the google map image of my land.

How now

This is how I have things laid out right now. The star represents where the utilities are. I have the dog kennels and a pony pen up now.

House yard set up

I found a nice little trailer house that I am going to move onto the land this spring, we can stay in that while we are building the barn.

So this is how I see the lay out… eventually.

 Pulled up House yard set up

This is kind of how I imagine setting things up. The trailer, bull pens and the barn are permanent type structures while the dog kennels can be moved (with quite some difficulty!)

IMG 6369

So as the spring keeps marching on with all the ferocity Wyoming Weather can bring,

IMG 6365

I will continue to plan and eventually get these plans put into motion!

IMG 6375

In the mean time, I seem to find myself continually looking up at the sky!

IMG 6454

And being amazed by the beauty that can be found there!

Thank you so much for joining me here at the barnyard! I would appreciate any feed back or tips or tricks that you may have to share with me as I start this building process!

Please take a moment to see the puppies that are available!

Come back soon! We’ll leave the light on for ya!

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