Adelaide Graduated!

October 18, 2023

IMG 4702

My beautiful daughter Adelaide graduated this spring and I’m just getting around to blogging about it.

IMG 4842

She is smart.

IMG 4769

She is gorgeous!

IMG 4793

She is strong and independent.

IMG 4712

And loves animals!

IMG 5031

We had a graduation party for her, Cammy made her beautiful cake! Thank you Cammy! Cammy’s Elegant Edibles

IMG 7714

She spent the summer in Wyoming, working and playing when we could. She has a litter of phenomenal mini heelers.

IMG 6357

She moved to Texas this fall and is enjoying the warm fall weather, seeing new sites and trying new things.

IMG 9904 2

She is barrel racing her new-ish horse, Captain and is winning checks and having tons of fun!

IMG 0759

I am very excited to make a trip to go visit her this fall, and she will be making trips back and forth from Texas to Wyoming for holidays, so be sure to share this web page, and puppy pictures with friends and family that live along this route!

IMG 0065

Join me in congratulating Addie on her graduation and her new exciting adventures in life!

Congratulations Adelaide!

Thank you for swinging by the Barnyard!

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