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August 27, 2015

Facebook told me yesterday was National Dog Day.


But you know everyday around here is Dog Day!


They are just our life!

But I thought I’d use the holiday as an excuse to update you on all the exciting things we have to look forward to this fall!

Chief x Gidget

Gidget and Chief will be having their third litter! We’ve kept back one of their pups and she is such a beauty!

Elvis-and-Delilah 1584

Elvis and Delilah will be having a litter. (I never saw the “action” but her tummy is getting bigger! Definite Baby Bump!)

JAck x Rainy

Jack and Rainy are expecting a litter. They have lovely pups!

Fancy-National-Dog-Day 0830

And Fancy (the pup we kept from Gidget x Chief litter) will have her very first litter this fall as well!

Mini-Aussie 0170

This is the father of Fancy’s litter.He is toy sized Championed show dog from Oklahoma and is just super cute! But I havent taken many pictures of him. I better get my camera out! SayCheese" Porter!


Yes everyone is jumping for joy!

Except maybe my computer programmer/web designer (who just happens to be me) because I am STILL having trouble with my email links from this page! I think I have the issue resolved. BUT if you try to email me and don’t get a response, please call me! 307-254-3968. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!

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This is how we roll!

August 17, 2015


Living in this beautiful country, we don’t enjoy it as much as we should. I mean we appreciate it, but we seldom take a day and go play in this wonderful world God has created.


But when little girl birthdays roll around, time stands still! Addie’s biggest wish (besides going to Canada for her birthday) was to take her best friend and some ponies to Big Horn Lake for a swim.


So we loaded up two happy girls, one growing boy, three ponies and a couple pups and headed to the lake!


The water was perfect for swimming! The exact right temperature!


Even the ponies seemed to enjoy it.


Dick’s little princess dog, Holly, enjoyed the water and ran a round and enjoyed the day.


While Jewel just liked laying in the shallows and playing it cool!


But that wasn’t the end to our pony shenanigans! After getting everyone cleaned up and groomed and shiny at the county fair, Addie thought Spicy needed a bath. But I couldn’t let him get cold!

Bubble bath time!


Dick’s grandkids were in Cody the other day. Since they couldn’t come visit the farm, we brought the farm to them! Spicy is quite the backseat driver!


Dragging Main in Cody, Wy! Yep this is how we roll!

Thank you for joining us!

There is surprising little news here at the barnyard. All the Mini Aussie pups have found homes, and I haven’t had any new litters. I don’t think we have any dalmatians coming in the next few months…

But I am updating my horses for sale page!I have a few more good riding horses to add and some more good project horses. So check back in if you want to see more of our available horses here!

Until next time!

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A week at the county fair

August 5, 2015

Dog-Show 1053

This was our first year participating in 4-H and taking in all the activities at the Big Horn County Fair. The over-week-long event started with the dog show. Addie showed her Pom Leighla. The show began a little rocky… but by the last class they had earned several ribbons including a first place ribbon for the Rally course!


Monday was the halter horse show. She brought her pony, Old Mc Chub Chubs and her barrel horse, Jet.


Chub Chubs helped keep her entertained and smiling between classes.


And he looked pretty smart too!


That’s right! The coveted purple ribbon! Grand Champion Miniature Horse at the Big Horn County Fair! (Chubs looks pretty excited doesn’t he?)


The riding classes with Jet went really great too! She won a ribbon in every class and we even ended up adding a reining class to her schedule!

Ribbons 1112

This is a very happy girl!

Goat-Show 1129

Aiden took a market goat to the fair. Her name is Sally. They went through the show and received third place in their market class. After the class Aiden came out. His eyes started tearing up. I mommed out!

“Aiden, it’s OK third place is really good! Aiden, what is wrong?”

“Nothing mom, I- I just need a moment. These are happy tears! These are tears of joy!”

Yes, that moment, that moment right there! That made all the work and preparation and hours and dollars worth it. In that one sentence. Totally worth it!


Thank you Linton’s Big R for buying Aiden’s market goat!


And now we are back at home. And it feels great. And I am way behind on things! (Nothing new there!)

Thank you for joining us here at the barnyard!

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