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Tooth Fairy for Halloween

Me-and-Diablo 0337

It started in 2013 with this little Halloween Project! I just had to do it! With a name like Diablo, he has to dress up! (He sure looked cool in the pasture!)

Pumpkin 0425

Pumpkin was next, for obvious reasons.

Dalmatian-Spider 0224

And Elvis got to join in the Halloween fun with Spidey the spotty dog.

Halloween Goat 6483441-22

We even had some goat action going on...

Halloween Goat 6483441-23

This kid went to school that year.

Tooth-Fairy-the-bull 0498

We knew we wanted to dress up Tooth Fairy this year, remember him from here and here,here, and here. (Click on the link to see past blog posts.)

Watch him buck, video click here

Erin Stiver-Henson and Tooth Fairy the bull-7

We knew we wanted to dress him up, but it took the LONGEST time to think of what he should dress up as.

A fireman, a devil… a…

Tooth Fairy the bull and Addie

Tooth Fairy! Duh!

BTW, we named him when Aiden was 6 years old, Aiden had lost about three teeth the week we where thinking his name and the Tooth Fairy was a hot topic just then. I liked the irony of the name, and my big bull got a pretty name.

Painting Tooth Fairy the bull-4

So Addie and I gathered supplies!

Addie and Tooth Fairy the bull-5

There are a few things you just don’t expect to find near the stripping chute at the rodeo grounds…

Addie and Tooth Fairy the bull-6

Unless you are hanging out with me and Addie! Then it all makes sense!

Tooth Fairy the bull 0393

And Tooth Fairy got all prettied up!

Tooth Fairy the bull 0397

He has his TuTu, wings and wand, and a large amount of glitter!

Tooth Fairy the bull 0396-2

He’s ready to go Trick-or-Treating!

Or take some Teeth!

Tooth Fairy the bull 0395

Maybe I will find a dollar under my pillow tonight?

Thank you for joining us here at the barnyard, we have been super busy trying to get the house on the property before the snow flies! We have lucked out and have had great weather but the clock is ticking! I am behind on correspondence, but I will get caught up!

Come back soon! Happy Halloween!

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