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Hi, I'm Erin, A woman who keeps two torches and a branding iron in the fire at all times! Join me in my adventures in life as I try to wrangle my two enthusiastic children, all my many horses, a brahma calf or ten, a whole pack of dogs and a man who is truly a western original!

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September 14, 2023

IMG 6163

When Josh and I got married he wanted Labradors. 

IMG 7836

Since so many people in my area raise Labs, I decided to go a little different direction and got my boy Thor, a Standard Poodle. 

IMG 8420

And we have the most beautiful litter of Labradoodles. 

"A cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle, the Labradoodle is a  friendly, loving family dog who's easy on the allergies makes Labradoodles one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. These dogs love activity, just not as much as they’ll love you." Read more here. 

And this litter did not disappoint. They are goofy and loving and playful and oh so smart! 

These pups were born July 27 and will be ready to go August 15. 

IMG 8054

Tex - black male, he has the fluffiest black coat, he is cuddly and very beautiful. His big, brown eyes will melt your heart. $1150

IMG 8394

Jet - black male, Jet has the smoothest coat of the litter, but possibly the biggest personality. He is fast and sassy and playful, but oh he loves his bath! When the hot water jets hit him he just melts! $1150

IMG 8248

Belle - blue merle female. The three girls in this litter are a bit more shy than their brothers. Belle has the fluffiest coat of the girls, she is in the middle personality wise and is about as cute as a button. $1150

IMG 8057

Letta - blue merle female, Letta is the smallest of the litter and the shyest as well. She is the least fluffy female and is very cuddly. $1150

IMG 7916

Rosé - blue merle female, Rosé is the most outgoing of the girls. She is a character and is prone to getting herself into predicaments, (like falling in the stock tank.) She is medium fluffy and has a very beautiful merle pattern coat. $1150

IMG 7936

Teddy - blue merle male, Teddy is so loving! He is always giving kisses, to people, to his brothers and sisters, to the ungrateful cat. Teddy just loves love. $1150

IMG 8087

Moose - blue merle male, Moose is such a good boy, great for his bath, great for grooming, great for hugs, Moose is just a great kid! $1150

IMG 8232

Mikey - blue merle male, Mikey is a cuddler, he is always being used as a pillow or can be found on the bottom of every puppy pile. He’s fluffy and kind. $1150

IMG 8344

Buster - blue merle male, Buster wags his tail all the time! He has the cutest curly-haired ears and is sooooo fluffy! $1150


If you are interested in any of these beautiful puppies please call or text Erin at 307-254-3968. All puppies will have age-appropriate vaccinations. 

Ducky’s Labskies

September 26, 2022

Miko and Ducky

Aiden has had his husky dog, Miko for several years. (Click here and here for earlier blog posts with Aiden and his dog.) Aiden has been very interested in training service dogs, military dogs and canine security dogs. So we tried a litter of Labskies for him. 

We bred Miko to Ducky and have some amazing puppies! 

The Labsky is a mixed breed dog — a cross between the Labrador Retriever and Siberian Husky dog breeds. Active, smart, and loyal, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents.

 These adorable canines make for super loyal and devoted family pets, and they’re usually very easy to train and quick to learn new commands. But a heads up: Labskies are dogs who like to remain active, so be prepared for lots of extra long walks. Often seen as smarter than the average dog, Labskies also benefit from interactive dog toys.    

These pups will be smart and active and extremely trainable. 

They were born August 22, 2022 and will be ready for new homes Friday,  October 7

Meet the Swat Team!

updated 1/2/3 Update all Labsky puppies have sold!

IMG 1205

Alexa, Samson and Dos. Dora is out exploring.

IMG 1005

Sold - Samson - black and tan male, he weighed 5.4lbs on 9-25-22, puppy weight calculator puts him at 40.2lbs full grown. (Not sure how accurate that is.) He is a a bit lazy and kind of timid, despite his size. He loves cuddles and is ready for family. $25

IMG 0994

Sold - Dora - sable/red female, she weighed 5.4lbs on 9-25-22, puppy weight calculator puts her at 40.2lbs full grown. (Not sure how accurate that is.) Ever since she was just a baby she was the explorer of the litter, she is turning a lovely red color and still is an adventurer. Wants someone to go on long walks and find buried treasure with her.  $25

IMG 1027

Sold - Alexa - black and tan female, weighed 5lbs on 9-25-22 puppy weight calculator puts her at 34.7lbs full grown. (Not sure how accurate that is.) She is the most mature of the litter, if you want a grown up girl, she is it. $25

All pups come with age appropriate vaccinations and worming. They are ready to go the beginning of October. All pups are sold first come, first serve. A $50 deposit will hold your pick till it’s time for them to go to their forever home. Call me or text me to reserve your pup or come meet the squad. 307-254-2968. Thank you! Erin

Sold puppies

IMG 1019

Sold - Dos  - black and tan female, she weighed 6lbs on 9-25-22, puppy weight calculator puts her at 55.2lbs full grown. (Not sure how accurate that is.) Don’t let her steel ice blue gaze fool you, she is playful and goofy and the silly one of the bunch. 

IMG 0183

Sold - Uno - black and tan female, she weighed 5.2lbs on 9-25-22, puppy weight calculator puts her at 37.3lbs full grown. (Not sure how accurate that is.) I think she will have one brown eye and one hazel eye.  $200

IMG 0997

Sol d- Fifer - black and tan female, she weighed 4.6lbs on 9-25-22, puppy weight calculator puts her at 30.3lbs full grown. (Not sure how accurate that is.) She is the smallest of the litter, so cute, and loves to have her tummy rubbed, terribly hard to get a picture of because she is on my lap with her belly up all the time. . $175 

IMG 0164

Sold - Darla - now Sadie - sable female, she weighed 6.1lbs on 9-25-22, puppy weight calculator puts her at 56.3lbs full grown. (Not sure how accurate that is.) She is one of the first to greet you when you step out the door.  $175

IMG 0153

Sold - Harper - sable female, she weighed 6.2lbs on 9-25-22, puppy weight calculator puts her at 57.4lbs full grown. (Not sure how accurate that is.) I think she will have one brown eye and one hazel eye.  $175

IMG 0148

Sold - Griz now Kenai - sable male, he weighed 6.3lbs on 9-25-22, puppy weight calculator puts him at 58.6lbs full grown. (Not sure how accurate that is.) He is the biggest of the litter and is pretty laid back. $175

Thank you so much for stopping by the Barnyard! Come Back Soon! 

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Aiden Graduated!

September 6, 2022

IMG 4051-2

Can you believe this kid graduated High School?!

IMG 3997

He was President of his FFA Chapter for 3 years...

IMG 5595-3

Excelled in wrestling and got to play football at the state championship game!

IMG 5643

I am so proud of him!

IMG 5650-2

He is big and kind!

IMG 6274


IMG 6275

And Goofy!

IMG 5676-2

Congratulations Aiden!

IMG 5686-2

Thank you to everyone for coming up and supporting him!

IMG 6276

Thank you Cammy for his amazing and delicious cake!

IMG 6277

Cammy has been making cakes for Aiden for quite a while now.  

IMG 5733-2

Congratulations Aiden! 

Thank you for swinging by the Barnyard! 

Don’t forget, my cousin Jessica has Corgi puppies  

I hope to be announcing more puppies here shortly, subscribe to our email list or check back soon! 

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South Dakota Corgis

Update all puppies have found their homes

September 6, 2022

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My cousin Jessica lives on a ranch near Faith, SD.

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They have a fabulous life and are always doing cool cowboy stuff. Check out Klein Ranch and Custom Haying on Facebook. 

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She’s also a very talented leather worker. Check out her facebook page Jessie’s Leather Works and Design. 

302859865 5041137989325999 4110753915519441672 n

She currently has a litter of adorable Corgis. And since I haven’t had puppies since March, I  was more than happy to share her cuties with all of my friends. 

Puppies are pure bred pembroke welsh corgi. Parents have been DNA tested. Parents work on their beef cattle ranch. They are good with other animals including chickens as well as people and young kids.

IMG 7211

Sold - Male #1 is full of energy and is very playful. A typical boy! $500. Born July 6, call or text Jessica at 605-431-2677. Located near Faith,SD

IMG 7210

Sold - Female #2 is a sweetheart and loves to cuddle. $500. Born July 6, call or text Jessica at 605-431-2677. Located near Faith,SD

IMG 7208

Sold - Female #3 is the quietest and shiest of the litter. $500. Born July 6, call or text Jessica at 605-431-2677. Located near Faith,SD

IMG 7207

Sold - Female #4 is smart, eager to please and loves a good tummy rubbing! $500. Born July 6, call or text Jessica at 605-431-2677. Located near Faith,SD

IMG 7206

Sold - Male #5 is alert, curious and always has his nose to the ground. $500. Born July 6, call or text Jessica at 605-431-2677. Located near Faith,SD

IMG 7203-2

Sold - Male #6 is a merle who loves to play and cuddle and to all the puppy things. $700. Born July 6, call or text Jessica at 605-431-2677. Located near Faith,SD

Thank you for swinging by the Barnyard! Y’all Come Back Soon! 

I hope to be announcing more puppies here shortly, subscribe to our email list or check back soon! 

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Away in a Manger

December 15, 2021

IMG 2610


Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 10.28.24 AM

Every Christmas I love to watch this youtube video and every year I think I need to do something like this with puppies. Every year Christmas sneaks up on me… and every year I don’t get it done. But here is a quick, cute attempt.

PS go watch this video, its adorable!

IMG 2713

Carol and Kaycee would be cast as Mary and Joseph, they are both calm, serene,  quietly watching and pondering.

IMG 2748

Holly would be the Baby Jesus because -  she is just perfect and cute and does a lot of sleeping. 

IMG 2734

Walker and Rip would be the shepherds, it doesn’t take a whole host of heavenly angels to make these boys tremble in fear. 

IMG 2556

Oakley would be a camel, only because when she waddled up to me yesterday and I picked her up her tummy was so full it felt like a water balloon. Also I really like camels and I really like Oakley!

IMG 2535

Tuck would be the little drummer boy, he’s little, doesn’t have a lot to give, but my goodness he’s going to give it his all! He'll rum-pa-pa-pum his little heart out for you! 

IMG 2503

Cinch would be an angel, not one of those serene, quiet, dressed in white kind of angels, but a Glory to God kind of Angel! 

IMG 2248

And Chonk, well Chonk would be the Angel Gabriel himself! Bringing good tidings of great Joy! With absolutely no fear whatsoever! 

IMG 2652

Thank you so much for swinging by the Barnyard and visiting my impromptu Nativity Scene. 

You can see the available mini aussies here

And available Texas Heelers here

IMG 2594-2

Do you like my puppy proof (so far knock on wood) Christmas Tree? Monster Kitty is not impressed! 

Merry Christmas everyone if I don’t visit with you before then! 

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Adelaide’s adorable Texas Heeler Puppies

2-23-22 - Update - All Adelaide’s pups have gone to new homes. We are excited to be looking forward to a litter of miniature heelers summer or 2022! Stay tuned for more, and sign up fo my email alerts if you want me to shoot you the news! 

Josie and Gus

My daughter Adelaide has started her own breeding program. She has an adorable, fat, happy litter of Texas heelers that are ready to go just in time for Christmas. Her female Josie is full bred mini heeler and is the nicest, kindest, smartest heeler I have ever met in my life! We bred her to Gus who is a happy, fun loving mini Aussie. I expect these babies to be between 20-40lbs full grown, to love everyone they meet and they have great working, service to pet abilities. These are Adelaide’s puppies, please call or shoot her a text at 307-254-4300. They are ready to go

IMG 3117

Sold - Tuck- the last of the Texas Heeler puppies, he loves to play and nibble on your fingers, he's such a happy guy and so willing to please. He's been here on the ranch with us, living his best life, but is ready to go on and find his perfect home and best friend forever. He has had all his shots, including rabies so he won't need anymore shots for one year. $500

Please call or text Adelaide at 307-254-4300

Here's a quick instagram video

IMG 3144

Sold - Oakley - the only female of this group of cowboy dogs and she is beautiful, she tends to be a little more serious than her brothers and is super excited to start devoting her life to someone special. $650

Please call or text Adelaide at 307-254-4300

Here's a quick instagram video

IMG 1755

Sold - Poncho - Biggest Texas heeler male, he is very smart, loves to get out and go and has the biggest, fattest cutest face. $650

Please call or text Adelaide at 307-254-4300

IMG 2503

Sold - Cinch - gorgeous male Texas heeler that loves cuddle, sit on laps and be with people all the time. I love his dark eyes and gorgeous copper. $550

Please call or Text Adelaide at 307-254-4300

IMG 1752

Riggin sold

IMG 1751

Bronc sold


We will be making a trip to Fort Collins, Colorado this weekend and we are happy to meet/deliver a puppy anywhere along the way. We will make this trip again for New Year's.

IMG 2037 2

Thank you so much for stopping by the Barnyard! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of fabulous food and loved ones! 

To Learn more about my available Dalmatian Puppies click here 

I have a couple Mini/Toy Aussie pups available as well.

 Theres a couple horse, calves and goats available now too!

Thank you all for stopping by the Barnyard! Sniff on through any time! 

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Freya’s 4th of July Litter

August 31, 2021

I took Freya’s pups down to the park again today. It's funny how each of their personalities come out so quick on these little adventures. 

IMG 0681

Mia continues to be the A#1 recall expert and is the first to come every time I call the pups back to me. 

IMG 0684

The look you make when you are the goodest good dog that every good dogged. Mia is Sold.

IMG 0675

Shyla kept up her reputation as being the shy, awkward one. Somehow I feel like I relate to her on a personal level. 

IMG 0694-2

Shyla’s awkwardness is explained. My vet and I both suspected she had hearing limitations, but she acts like she can hear some noises. The BAER hearing test confirmed this fact. Shyla is available.

IMG 0688-3

Violet is pretty and feminine and dainty. Her eyes catch the light and sparkle in the sun.

IMG 0708

I did try to explain to her that it isn’t very lady like to eat the flowers, however. Violet is available.

IMG 0705

Chief is sold. Chief loves to lay flat out on his belly and nap during these excursions.  

IMG 0733

Yep, that’s Chief, he’s a little lazy.

IMG 0695

Ice is sold. Ice loves to hunt and is constantly learning about the world around her. She doesn’t hardly stop moving and is checking everything out. Not hyper, just sniffing and looking and moving. 

IMG 0742

Until she crashes. 

IMG 0737

Toward the end of our trip I got these photos, they kind of perfectly sum up this fun bunch of puppies. Chief is laying on his belly, Shyla is awkwardly laying down, but not napping, Mia is sitting near me paying attention, and Violet is sleeping in a mound of flowers. 

IMG 0738

And then Ice comes sniffing through.

To Learn more about my available Dalmatian Puppies click here 

I have a couple Mini/Toy Aussie pups available as well.

 Theres a couple horse, calves and goats available now too!

Thank you all for stopping by the Barnyard! Sniff on through any time! 

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Ducky Blog


IMG 1381 hq

Josh likes to show people pictures on my web page. 


He wanted to show off this picture of Ribbon the other day and was disappointed it was not on my web page. 

Ribbon Puppy pics

Ribbon is a Riggin by Riley puppy that we kept from this last litter. She is beautiful and smart and just LOVES water (like her mom!) She really wants to grow up to be a cow dog.


This is Josh’s dog Ducky and Ribbon. The photo really doesn’t do either one of them justice, but you know, group shots, they are hard to get.


I wanted to include some puppy photos of Ducky, because man, she’s just so cute!


She’s not much of a cuddle bug, but occasionally you can get a snuggle.


Usually she likes to sprawl out on the ground like she’s broken.


Here is Maggie, Ducky and Birdie. 


This blog post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of Josh’s cat Angus.


And a picture when he was just a cute little hoodlum. 


While I’m introducing everyone, this is Josey and Jack, Addie’s healer dogs. 


And, well, if I’m doing a blog post of pictures that Josh might want to show off, I’m going to include this picture of the white tail buck I got last fall.


I love you darling! 

I have a mini aussie pup available now. Check her out.

And don’t forget about Finn!

Theres a couple horse, calves and goats available now too!

Thank you all for stopping by the Barnyard! Swing on through any time! 

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Update! Finn has found his forever home living with his brother from another litter! 


This is Finn, he was born in February. He is deaf. 


He was sold as an 8-week-old puppy, but when we found out he needed a minor eye surgery his owner returned him to me.  And I have been enjoying him ever since! 


I took Finn to the vet to get his entropic eye treated, coincidentally, Poppy the pony had the same condition, so I loaded them both on my lap to go see the Doc. 

Both are recovered and all better! 


I’ve been taking Finn to work with me, we are building fence up on the Pryors. He loves it! 


He rides in the excavator with Matt, but he always has his eyes on me.


Except when it’s nap time of course.


He is great help on the ranch as well! He does great with other dogs, and cats, goats, horses and cows, he doesn’t wander off, is super chill, loves to cuddle and is absolutely the happiest guy you will ever meet. He loves people!

He is started potty training, but since I’ve been irrigating (and he’s usually quite helpful with that - MUDDY!) he’s been staying outside.

He sleeps through the night occasionally waking you up for a potty break, but trust me, this kid is a sound sleeper! 


He is learning hand signals, we have started on come, good boy, no! and sit. He also is very aware what a kiss and hug are.  Those are his favorite.

He has the absolute best personality! 

He’s got all his first year shots and he is ready for his new home! $1250

Fergus x Jewell

I’ll be announcing my next litter of Mini Aussies right after the 4th of July weekend! Be sure to get on my email list so that you can know when I post them!

Thank you for stopping by the Barnyard! Swing on through any time!

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We did! Mr. & Mrs. Paumer

February 19, 2021

IMG 2976

You guys! Lots of you know Josh, but for the few of you that don’t, meet Josh. Josh and I went to high school together in Basin. He was a senior when I was a sophomore, we had a couple classes together (both Ag classes I’m sure). 


Fast forward just a little bit… we had been dating for several years when he proposed on New Year’s Eve in Deadwood in December.

IMG 7205-2

We decided 2-1-21 was a good day to get hitched, so we grabbed a bouquet of flowers and headed to the courthouse. 

IMG 7203-2

His mom and step-dad came down from Billings, as well as my sister Beth and her family (she took all my photos, so I don’t have any of her in here, which is a shame because she looked absolutely beautiful!) 

IMG 7147-2

My littlest brother, Matthew was able to swing through, which was very special to me because he got married in August and I am super glad he got to be part of my special day too! 


Matt and Julia Stiver

IMG 7146-2

We had drinks, and chips and dip at a little Mexican restaurant in Greybull after the “ceremony” but plan to have a bigger celebration later this year when the weather is nicer and I can get something fun planned! 


Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing in my very exciting news! We are all so happy and excited!

I hope to be announcing mini aussie puppies here soon and Dalmatian puppies in a little bit! 

If you want to be on my email list to be among the first to know about puppies click here.

Thank you so much! and hope to visit with you soon! Erin Paumer 

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