Spring yet?

Ok, so there is officially one month till “spring.” I can’t wait. I am quite tired of winter here in Wyoming, but I have made myself a challenge to not complain. About anything. So let’s find the good points of the winter and celebrate them.

IMG 3360

Check out the beautiful Big Horn Mountains right out my door.

It is cold so I don’t have to buy ice for my cooler during the winter. Beverages stay plenty cool in the front entry.

IMG 3349

Ponies, like S’mores, are fuzzy and cute and there aren’t flies or mosquitos. Not that mosquitos would be a problem with all the layers of clothes I wear in this weather. (Think Marshmallow Man.)

IMG 3350

And speaking of Marshmallow Man…. no one can tell how many extra pounds I may or may not be carrying these days. Might be another few pounds, might just be another layer… who knows? Sara here is packing a few extra pounds. We are hoping it is a baby! Fingers crossed.

DSC 0340

And even though it hit 33 degrees BELOW zero the other week (w/o wind chill), and the water pipes froze up, hey no big. Just means no dishes or laundry for a few days right? Nice.

IMG 3308

I don’t even remember what it feels like to sweat, or be sunburnt, or to want to find shade. There are no gardens to tend. No farmers markets. No hoses to drag. No irrigating to do. No snakes.

If I say I do REALLY miss fresh tomatoes, that isn’t reallya complaint is it. Just a simple, truthful fact, right? Because I reallydomiss yummy garden tomatoes. (And onions, and raspberries and blackberries and… well you get it.)

IMG 3359

Hey winter’s not all that bad right?

IMG 3305

No not bad at all.

Not that I will miss it when it is gone mind you.

Hey guess what! We are heading up to Billings Livestock Horse Sale this weekend. So excited. We will be celebrating the Western Original’s birthday. That means Red Lobster! And they are having Lobsterfest! It is going to be FABULOUS! Plus we will stay in a motel, and the kids can swim, and I get to shop for horses! Really, can a weekend get much better?!

Thanks for joining us here are the barnyard. There are only a couple mini Aussie pups left. And the Dalmatian puppies are getting their spots! Be sure to check them out!

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