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Update! Finn has found his forever home living with his brother from another litter!


This is Finn, he was born in February. He is deaf.


He was sold as an 8-week-old puppy, but when we found out he needed a minor eye surgery his owner returned him to me. And I have been enjoying him ever since!


I took Finn to the vet to get his entropic eye treated, coincidentally, Poppy the pony had the same condition, so I loaded them both on my lap to go see the Doc.

Both are recovered and all better!


I’ve been taking Finn to work with me, we are building fence up on the Pryors. He loves it!


He rides in the excavator with Matt, but he always has his eyes on me.


Except when it’s nap time of course.


He is great help on the ranch as well! He does great with other dogs, and cats, goats, horses and cows, he doesn’t wander off, is super chill, loves to cuddle and is absolutely the happiest guy you will ever meet. He loves people!

He is started potty training, but since I’ve been irrigating (and he’s usually quite helpful with that - MUDDY!) he’s been staying outside.

He sleeps through the night occasionally waking you up for a potty break, but trust me, this kid is a sound sleeper!


He is learning hand signals, we have started on come, good boy, no! and sit. He also is very aware what a kiss and hug are. Those are his favorite.

He has the absolute best personality!

He’s got all his first year shots and he is ready for his new home! $1250

Fergus x Jewell

I’ll be announcing my next litter of Mini Aussies right after the 4th of July weekend! Be sure to get on my email list so that you can know when I post them!

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