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The Darling Dozen - Day 4

January 29, 2015

the darling Dozen

Puppies! Rainy had a litter of 12 darling babies! They were born on January 24, 2015. I have a pick list started. If you would like to be on it please give me a call at 307-254-3968.

JAck x Rainy

Jack x Rainy

Jack is a 14” black tri with one blue eye and a brown one. He is cute and funny and has the working instinct. He has a tendency to throw some toy sized puppies. He is pretty calm. And he is the father to Chief.

Rainy is a 15” Blue merle female with icy blue eyes that I raised. She is the daughter to Kelly. The last time we crossed Rainy and Jack we had some toy sized puppies and some blue-eyed-tri puppies. Her last litter she had 11 puppies, she beat her record with this “Darling Dozen” Litter!

Mini-Aussie-puppies 0780

Puppies - 4 Days Old!

This is the earliest I have ever taken individual photos! (PS these were taken yesterday.)

I know my daughter has most of the puppies named already, but I can’t remember them all. I will get together with her later and get it down.

There is a lot of size variation in the Rainy x Jack litters. Last litter they had together the pups ranged from 11” and 12lbs to 15” and 25lbs. And already at this age I am seeing a size difference. So I have tried to list them in order of size, smallest to largest. So it goes smallest blue merle female to largest blue merle female, smallest black tri female to largest black tri female (they are actually pretty even those two.) Then the Blue merle male, who is one of the larger merles. Then the black tri boys from smallest to biggest. (If that makes any sense.)

Blue-Merle-female-Australina-Shepherd 0283

Blue Merle Female

Blue-Merle-Female-Miniature-Austrlian-Shepherd 0294

Blue Merle Female

Blue-Merle-Female-miniature-australian-shepherd 0305

Blue Merle Female

Blue-merle-female-miniature-australian-shepherd 0310

Blue Merle Female

Black-tri-female-miniature-australian-shepherd 0316

Black Tri Female

Black-tri-female-miniature-australian-shepherd 0325

Black Tri Female

Blue-merle-male-miniature-Australian-Shepherd 0365

Blue Merle Male

Black-tri-male-miniature-australian-Shepherd 0334

Black Tri Male

Black-tri-male-miniature-australian-shepherd 0340

Black Tri Male

Black-tri-miniature-australian-shepherd 0345

Black Tri Male

Black-tri-male-miniature-australian-shepherd 0353

Black Tri Male

Black-tri-male-miniature-australian-shepherd 0360

Black Tri Male

To see more pictures (and pictures of the puppies from the last litter click here.)

I price each puppy individually but mostly here is how they are priced - tri males $650, merle males and tri females $750, merle females $850. Blue eyed tris will be more.

FAQ page is up! Click here for more information!

Puppy Contract/Health GuaranteeRemember if you are buying a puppy from me you are agreeing to this contract whether you sign it or not.

You are also welcome to call me 307-254-3968 thanks! Erin

Thanks for joining me here are the Barnyard!

Until next time!

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January 26, 2015


Jack is smiling.


The girlies are smiling!

I am smiling!

The Western Original is smiling.

Everyone is smiling!

Do you want to know why January 24, 2015 was the Best-Day-Ever?!

Mini-Aussie-puppies 0760

Rainy had her puppies!

Mini-Aussie-puppies 0780

12 of the little darlings!

And so far all 12 are doing well! First vet check tomorrow and we will see how they are doing, but they are looking great!

There are 5 blue merles, 3 of those are female. There are 7 black tris. 2 of those are females.

I have started a pick list for this litter. If you want to be on it please give me a call at 307-254-3968.

If you are on the list and just want to double check I have your name down shoot me an e-mail here.

Mini-Donkey 0156

This is another reason I am smiling! Isn’t he adorable? And every time I hear him bray I just start cracking up! It is like the Apple Dumpling gang around here guys! I love it!

Mini-donkey 0030

Look at those ears! Don’t they make you want to smile?

Mini-Donkey 0035

And who wouldn’t smile looking at those eyebrows.


The only problem I am having is picking a name for him. Do you have any ideas? He is a boy and about 4-years-old. What should we call him? Please leave your comments below.

Thanks for joining me here at the barnyard! I will be posting more puppy pictures soon. Rainy is still a little protective of her puppies, but she is getting better.

Until next time!

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Spring Fever Flashback - Cowley Pioneer Day Rodeo

January 21, 2015

Cowley-Pioneer-Day-rodeo-words 0478

I take so many pictures during the summer, and I get so busy I don’t always get to share them with you. So I decided to start sharing some during the winter. We’ll call them Spring Fever Flashbacks! Because let’s be honest, I have spring fever all year long!

These are pictures of the Cowley Pioneer Day Rodeo, July 26, 2014.

Rodeo-Bareback-riding 0502

This is Dick Gifford’s good black bareback mare, we call her Black Betty. She is kicking up some dust and getting some air. She bucks good bareback, but does even better saddle bronced! If you are interested in buying a good black bucking horse mare, she is one that he has available. Give him a call at 307-272-4083. And check out his web page, (but truthfully I am WAY behind on updating it! Sorry!)

Rodeo 0468

This gray gelding is Snell’s Bells. A local High School cowboy is working hard to try to cover him.

Dan Mortenson, JR Vezain, Dean Schlattmann and many other professional rodeo cowboys got their start here in the Big Horn Basin on these good Dick Gifford Rodeo horses.

DSC 0478

Part of learning to ride bucking horses, is falling off bucking horses. Here TJ takes an exit off the rear. Good luck TJ! Maybe you will be our next Cowley, Wy cowboy headed to the NFR!

Rodeo-Rusty 0642

This is a good horse we call Rusty Saddles. He is out of a Dick Gifford mare and a good old bucking horse stud, Empty Saddles. Rusty knows how to leave the chute!

Rodeo-Rusty 0645

And leave the cowboy behind.

Rusty-rodeo 0646

In the dirt. With a great big no score.

Rusty-rodeo 0649

Then Rusty likes to jump and kick and show off a little before the pick-up men can get to him and get the flank off.

Bull-riding 0699

Tooth Fairy also knows how to leave the chutes and the cowboy! He is really spinning up some dirt! Like a tornado this guy!

Bull-riding-rodeo 0744

White Echo showing some good form!

Bull-riding 0786

We don’t have enough bulls of our own for most rodeos. So we subcontract to one of the best bull guys in the world! This is a Spear W bucking bull belonging to Seth Mulherin. Check his rodeo bull web page out here.

Bull-riding 0794

The bull rider is in a bit of trouble!

Bull-fighting 0802

Good thing for our bull fighters Eric Burns and Joe Best. Thanks guys!

Oh it seems like such a long time ago! What was it like to be too hot? To be sunburned? I can’t hardly remember! And I can’t wait for rodeo season!

The first rodeo of 2015 is May 2 in Cowley for the Cowley Spring Rodeo. I hope to see you there. Pictures of the Cowley Spring Rodeo 2014 here.

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Snow much fun!

January 13, 2015

IMG 0732

My dad has a large garden and vineyard in Worland, Wy.Stiver’s garden. We spend a significant amount of time in the summer helping him with his garden. In the winter the garden work slows down some.

Sledding 0034

But it makes for some fabulous sledding!

All you need is a 4-wheeler and good bunch of kids.

My sister was up for the weekend with her two kids. My niece just turned 2 and we were celebrating her birthday!

Sledding 0059

The boys crashed! Can you believe not long ago my Native Boy was that size? Now his feet are bigger than mine! Where does time go?

Sledding 0057

I guess when your hands and face are both covered in snow, the only logical solution is to try to lick the snow from your own face.

Sledding 0062

Luckily Uncle Matt was there to help.

Sledding 0208

Uncle Matt talked the Little Cowgirl into a ride. She was a bit hesitant at first.

Sledding 0254

But warmed right up to it!

Sledding 0297

Look at them go!

Sledding 0310

Uncle Matt knows how to have some fun!

Sledding 0387

The Native Boy decided to try a solo run!

Sledding 0392

I think Uncle Matt might have some mischief up his sleeve.

Sledding 0400

Ah, yes he spots his opportunity!

Sledding 0402

And the Native Boy is airborne!

Sledding 0406

“Oh man that was great!”

If you want to see some more pictures of the garden (when it is not covered in snow) click through here.

Thanks for joining us here for some sledding fun, and yes ladies, I know you are all dying to know. Uncle Matt is single… (he’s pretty handsome huh?!) You can follow him on Instagram @mattstive. Give him a great big barnyard welcome!

Birthday-girl 0428

Happy Birthday little bug! And thank you Cammy for the cake!

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Cowgirl’s dresser what-not-to-do-torial

January 9, 2015

Cowgirl dresser

I saw this dresser onPinterest (you can find me @estiverhenson)and I knew I had to make one for my Little Cowgirl. And I thought, “This will be great! I can do a fabulous tutorial on my blog and tell everyone my expert advice and creating lovely things!”

IMG 3763
Dresser-part-1 0369

Lesson #1 In the what-not-to-do-torial - take a before picture. Seems obvious enough huh? But when I am excited to get started I just go for it! By the way, the dresser was white with cute flowery handles. And SEVERAL layers of paint under the white. The previous was a garish blue and looked like there was a yellow/orange before that.

Lesson #2 - do not expect help sanding. Oh, you’ll hear a lot of promises of help. But trust me when sandpaper meets paint layers it’s all going to be your own elbow grease making it happen.

But I digress, and I did get the old paint off and the new paint on. This was good. No too much sweat!

Dresser-part-2 0374

I had photos on file of barrel racing and let my Cowgirl pick her favorite. I printed it up large, in black and white, and on regular paper.

I decided to modge podge the paper to the dresser. Everyone who has ever done any crafting has heard of modge podge. How hard could it be? I’ll just slap some on and it’ll stick and we’ll be good. No need to practice, right?

Lesson #3, if you are not familiar with modge podge, practice. I think I was finally getting the hang of it after the last drawer. A little practice may have done me a lot of good. Modge podge is sticky and unforgiving and not my friend.

Lesson #4, when using modge podge, I would recommend finding a place out of the wind. It seemed like a clear day, but as soon as I got the sticky stuff out a pesky breeze blew lots of dried grass, dog hair and dirt right into my project. But I did get the photo stuck to the front of the dresser and the modge podge dried hard and clear. Which brings me to…

Lesson #5,Do Not Leave the Drawers in the Dresser While Waiting for Modge Podge to Dry! Hind site this seems like a no-brainer, but hey, what can I say, except, learn from my idiocy.

The drawers where stuck. Stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck! Did I mention stuck? Yes stuck! I tried cutting them open with a scalpel, I tried pulling them open with the drawer pulls, I tried knocking them open with the edge of the porch… Not much worked. To tell you the truth I don’t remember what finally did it, but finally I got them open.

Dresser-part-3 0005

I added some “antiquing” with a dry brush and brown paint, and got it up the stairs to Little Cowgirl’s room. It is now full of clothes and functional. She loves it. It looks pretty good from a distance: you can’t see the bubbled modge podge picture, chipped paint at the drawer edges from where I pried them, and the handles that are cracked from trying to pull stuck drawers open.

But hey, it’s done, and I learned so much I am able to share with you. And I will be prepared next time! And there you have the first Barnyard What-not-to-do-torial.

Here the next pinterest project I am going to try. Those bulls better keep bucking! Or they will be invited to the dinner table, in more ways than one! This Chair is available online athay

**** Updates ******** Updates ******** Updates ****

Available mini aussies

Available Dalmatians

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Happy New Year!

January 6, 2014

Happy New Year from Cowpoke Corner

Happy New Year from all of us here at the Barnyard! My friend Ramie Edwards took this lovely photo of my family that was going to be our Christmas card. But I didn’t order them soon enough, so they became our New Year’s Card.

Hey, it works, Jack.

If you want to contact Ramie you can find her on Facebook at is super fun to work with and very talented! Thank you Ramie!

Winter-in-Wyoming 5772

We had a very Merry Christmas. We went here and there and did this and that and ate and laughed and talked and had so much fun everywhere!

First-love 5762

My kiddos had a ton of fun and got everything they had on their wish list and more!

Custom-Halters 5708

My Little Cowgirl told me right before Christmas that Santa was going to bring her customized halters with her horses’ names on them.

custom-Halters 5707

So Santa got her elf on! They aren’t quite the leather ones with copper name plates like they have on Heartland but she was pretty happy with them anyway! Thank goodness.

The-Waterhole 5734

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Mine consist of looking out in the pasture and saying, “I’m going to ride this one and this one and this one. And halter break this one and this one and this one!”

Oh and get organized and loose weight and live healthier and… You know all the other good stuff!

Black-tri-mini-aussie 0128

All the puppies from the 10-21-14 litter found their homes. The last two going the day after Christmas. One went to northern North Dakota and the other to Alabama! Talk about polar opposites!

We are expecting another litter any time now. I have one Mini Aussie mother dog in the house right now on “puppy watch” and I will be bringing Rainy in on watch in a week or two. She is due at the end of the month. So we should have quite a few Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies for sale to choose from here in Wyoming in no time at all!

Sunset 5608

I hope you all had a super fabulous holiday season! I hope 2015 brings you good times and blessings! And I hope you come back and visit us soon here at The Barnyard! Thank you so much guys!

And Welcome 2015! It’s going to be fabulous!

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