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Leaping Lacey

October 29, 2015

DSC 0790

I take tons of puppy pictures around here.


You get to see these cuties, like CinnaBear. And I try to post the loveliest photos possible. (He is sold)


DSC 0885

But do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at these Puppy Shoots?

Here you go.

There was Pearl, just walking along minding her own business when….

DSC 0886 (2)

Out of no where a leaping Lacey shows up!

DSC 0887

“The wonderful thing about Lacey, is Lacey's a wonderful thing...

DSC 0888

She’s bouncy, flouncy, full of fun, but -

DSC 0893

She’s the only one!

DSC 0894

Yes, she’s the only one!"

DSC 0895

I think Bronco is OK with that.

There are a couple Dalmatian Puppies that are still available. Be sure to check out the new photos.

We are gearing up for Halloween!

And I have updated my horses for sale page.

Thanks for joining me here at the barnyard! TTFN Ta-Ta-For-Now!

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Spidey the Spotty Dog

October 26, 2015

Dalmatian Spider

I’ve been tagged on Facebook about a million times with this photo in the last month.

Everyone who knows me, knows the first tag is an, “I dare you.”

Second tag is a “Double Dog Dare!”

Third tag and more - Challenge accepted.

(And btw I couldn’t find the original source for this photo, so if it is yours, please let me know so I can give you credit.)


First went for a nice walk. Elvis can look less-than-dignified at times. So I take a photo any opportunity I can when he is looking his handsome self.


I think part of the reason that top photo has gone so viral is because the dog looks miserable in it. It adds some humor. This is as sad as Elvis looked during the entire process.

Dalmatian-Spider 0206

Because he loves any opportunity to be near me.

Dalmatian-Spider 0224

To give me kisses.

Dalmatian-spider 0227

And hugs.

Dalmatian-spider 0229

And pretty much we smeared the heck out of my painstaking paint project.

Halloween-Dalmatian-Spider 0249

So I handed him back to my lovely assistant for a couple more photos. He looks handsome as Spidey the Spotted Dog, doesn’t he?

Halloween-Dalmatian-Spider 0252

Even perhaps, dignified in his Halloween costume?

Halloween-Dalmatian-Spider 0263

Ruh - Roh his spidey senses are tingling. There is a “cat burglar" on the loose.

Dalmatian 0264

With great power there is also great responsibility. The photo session is over.

Dalmatian-Spider 0138

One thing I learned during this project - It is much easier to paint spiders on your Dalmatian in Photoshop than it is in real-life!

Thank you for joining me here at the Barnyard.

We have a couple Dalmatian Puppies still available so click on through!

Come back for more Halloween fun!

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Heath Makes Friends with the Cats

October 22, 2015

** Update Heath is sold!

DSC 0760

We were out taking puppy pictures the other day. Generally at least a few cats come along to add some spice to the photo shoot.

Heath says, “Hey Andy cat want to be friends?"

DSC 0783

I love you Andy Cat.

DSC 0785

Please be my friend Andy Cat.

DSC 0786

No! Not on your life!

DSC 0790

Andy Cat is no friend of dog.

DSC 0795

Tara Cat, will you be my friend?

DSC 0796

Please be my friend, Tara Cat?

DSC 0797

Not on your life yucky puppy!

DSC 0798

Be gone yucky puppy!

DSC 0799

Mom! The cat is mean and says hurtful things!

DSC 0770

Heath, the cat whisperer, is still available. ** Update, Heath is sold.

DSC 0810

He is waiting for your call at 307-254-3968.

DSC 0820

Copper is available too. (* update - Sold.)

Thank you for joining me and the boys here at the barnyard. Come back soon!

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Fire Safety at the Preschool

October 20, 2015

DSC 0689

It is fire safety month at the preschool at my real job. And really, what good would it be to have Dalmatian Puppies during fire safety month if I didn’t bring them in?

DSC 0684

Kids and puppies just go hand-in-hand! The preschoolers call the Dalmatians Dot-da-dogs. I think it is super cute!

DSC 0658

Bullseye is giving kisses here.

DSC 0663

Mac is giving kisses there.

DSC 0675

A hug for Sparkle.

DSC 0679

And a cuddle for Bronco.

DSC 0680

Everyone had a blast! And we even taught them to: Stop, Drop...

DSC 0699

And roll!

Thank you for joining me here at the barnyard! We have just a couple Dalmatian puppies available. Please click here to see the current list.

To see more adventures with preschoolers at the barnyard, click here.

To see pictures of the miniature australian shepherd puppies click here.

To visit CinnaBear the Mini-Pomer-Aussie click here.

(I feel like a recorded message on the telephone!)

Feel free to explore my page and have fun! Thank you again for stopping by!

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October 19, 2015

live like someone left the gate open copy


DSC 0915

*** Update *** CinnaBear has found his perfect home!

My daughter Addie really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really wanted a pomeranian. Since nothing here on the ranch can free load, we decided to try an experiment with Mini-Pomer-Aussies.

Meet CinnaBear.

The cowgirl designer dog.

DSC 0907

He’s so much like his mother, the pom. Happy, smiley, doesn’t know a stranger, willing and loving, plus his has the mini aussie brains to go with it.

DSC 0934

I think he might be the complete, little package. Fluffy tail and all!

DSC 0944

We debated keeping him… but I don’t have a job for him to do. So this little wonder is up for sale. Prespoiled and loved up and ready to go!

DSC 0889

He is a hide-and-seek champion.

DSC 0892

He will remind you to live like someone left the gate open.

*** Update *** CinnaBear has found his perfect home!

And be sure to check out the updated pictures of the Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies.

And the lovely Dalmatian Puppies.

Thank you for joining me here at the barnyard!

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