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Dan and Sis - homed

March 11, 2020 Update - they have found their home!


Meet Sis and Dan. They were born August 30, 2019.


Sis is the “bulldozer of love!”


Dan is more shy and reserved. Dan is also deaf. He was born that way. He has also been neutered and is ready to go on his next adventure.


Both Dan and Sis are learning sign language. I wave “Hi” to them, that means good dog, come here, I want to pet you.

When I shake my finger at them in a scolding motion, that means bad dog.

And when I point to the house, that means go home!

Its very natural and they have picked up on it well. We often comment that Dan listens better than the hearing dogs.


Because Sis and dan have lived together so long and work well as a team I would like them to go to a home together.


They’ve been hanging out on the ranch with me, have been around kids, cows, cats, horses, and the goose. They have been outside dogs and they stick around the yard really well. $900 for the pair.


Update - they have found their home! If you are interested in giving these two the perfect home, or want to ask me some questions about them, give me a call or shoot me a text.

Thank you so much! Erin, 307-254-3968


This is going to be a good spring for mini aussie puppies! All my girls have synced up and when it starts raining it is going to be pouring beautiful puppies!

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