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A Horse of a Different Color

October 31, 2018

Me-and-Diablo 0337

It started in 2013 with this little Halloween Project! I just had to do it! With a name like Diablo, he had to dress up! (He sure looked cool in the pasture!)

Pumpkin 0425

Pumpkin was next, for obvious reasons.

Dalmatian-Spider 0224

And Elvis got to join in the Halloween fun with Spidey the spotty dog.

Halloween Goat 6483441-22

We even had some goat action going on...

Halloween Goat 6483441-23

This kid went to school that year.

Tooth Fairy the bull 0393

Last year we knew we wanted to dress up Tooth Fairy, and it took us an embarrassingly long time to decide what to dress him up as. The Tooth Fairy! Duh!

Erin Stiver-Henson 4975

Music Man got to have the fun this year!

Zebra-horse-halloween 4977

He’s Addie’s barrel horse, so he is used to a lot of attention (and a little torture as well!)

Zebra-Horse-halloween 4995

So he was super good and stood still and let me paint him.And I think he turned into a half-way decent Zebra!

Zebra-horse-halloween 5020

The Brahma Bulls don’t really know what to think, but they are used to this sort of weirdness at my house! I think I need to saddle Music Man up and go for a ride!

Zebra-horse-halloween 5013

Everyone have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Mini-aussie-puppy 4894

We have one mini aussie blue merle male puppy still available and I hope to be announcing more puppies later this week. Stop by our puppy page to check them out!

Thank you for joining us here at the Barnyard! Stop on by for a visit again soon!

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