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Riley and Riggin

May 2, 2019

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Meet Riley and Riggin

Riggin 0131

Riggin is an older dog here on the ranch. He is calm and laid back. He always looks at me with eyes that say, “What now boss?”

When I keep a puppy I like to leave them with him. He keeps everything at level and teaches the pups how to be good dogs.

He is 15” and about 30 lbs.

IMG 3772

If you are looking for a family pet that can keep up with kids, but not run them over with too much energy. And you don’t mind a dog that tends toward the lazy, fluffy (fat) side, then a Riley x Riggin pup would be perfect for you.

Mini Aussie puppy 3193

Riley is third generation on my ranch. She is smiley and calm. She is about 14” tall but is just as wide as she is tall and weighs nearly 30 lbs most of the time.

She hangs out in the yard and doesn’t bother the livestock, chase cars or hurt chickens. I am very proud of breeding her and know that her pups are awesome.

IMG 3064

This is Sarah, blue merle female out of the Riggin x Riley litter. She is a beauty, loves to snuggle and nap! She is marked beautifully and has one blue eye and one brown. $950

IMG 3089

Sonic, black tri male out of the Riggin x Riley litter. He loves to give kisses and follow you around. He has his own mind and isn't afraid to tell you exactly what he has on it. He is a sassy smart boy! I love his personality! $750

Mini Aussie puppy 3180

Give me a call if you are interested in Sarah or Sonic. They are fantastic puppies ready for their new homes. 307-254-3968

Cowpoke Corner Calves 2014-2

While you are here be sure to look around and see all the other fun things we have going on. And check out the other available puppies!

Thank you so much for joining me here at the barnyard! Please stop by again.

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