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Oh Christmas Tree!

December 8, 2014

IMG 2763

Usually this time of year, this is the kind of tree I am gazing at! We generally have a few bucking horses we take down to Vegas for the NFR Benny Binnion Bucking horse sale. But this year we decided all our hopefuls needed (at least) one more year to grow up. So we decided to stay home. (Link to last year’s trip.)

DSC 0058

Which means, even though my house is crawling with puppies, and kittens and kiddos, my family still thinks we need a Christmas tree.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a total Scrooge, but c’mon it is an awful lot of work to put up a tree and decorate and everything - only to have to bring it all down again in a matter of weeks!

But alright - after a tree we shall be!

The-Rock 0165

We headed down the highway only to discover problem #1. A rock stuck in the duals.

Pony 0160

So while the boys walked home to get the tools, my Little Cowgirl took the time to step into the pasture and give out some pony love. (See our Annual Christmas Pony Sale here.)

Working-men 0166

The boys returned shortly with the proper tools to get us rolling smoothly.

Mini-Aussie 0168

And we were on the road again!

Meet Porter. He is our new male dog. He is a Toy Australian Shepherd who has been shown and championed. He is as cute as a button and is going to make some fabulous babies for us!

Mini-Aussie 0170

We drove a few miles from home and headed up into the forest. Since my Native Boy struggles with Asthma he elected to stay by the truck while we hiked up the hill to find the tree.

The-Perfect-Tree 0174

My Little Cowgirl picked out the most perfect tree there could be!

Little-dog,-little-boy 0173

It was pretty high up the hill!

Oh-Christmas-Tree 0177

Like almost the top of the world! But we got it!

Mini-Aussie-Carry 0180

And my boy decided to carry Porter back to the truck because his feet got cold. (And yes, Porter is full grown.)

Mini-Aussie-Puppies 0114

Now to get the tree up and decorated, and keep it up with all this kind of help!

Be sure to check out the new pictures of the Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies for sale. Two left.

Be sure to check out our Annual Wyoming Christmas Pony sale here at Cowpoke Corner.

And let us know - What are your favorite tree-getting memories? Did you get one from a lot? Chop down your own? Or is it an artificial tree you hang your ornaments on?

Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard!

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