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Everyday Miracles

For I remember it is Easter morn,

And life and love and peace are all new born.

~ Alice Freeman Palmer


This is Tooth Fairy, the bull. He was born about the same time as my son was loosing all his teeth. Thus the name. We have mellowed him out and made him a bit of a pet. Here he is enjoying one of his frequent back rubs. He also loves to be hand-fed cucumber and zucchinis. But it is too early in the growing season for that just yet.

He can also buck!


Gidget went on a road trip with us the other day. It was exhausting. For her. Apparently. Me, I just had a nice BIG ice tea!


My sister was able to come for a visit for Easter with her two munchkins. Little Sister, Chief and Gidget are all wanting to occupy my lap at the same time. It is just as I would want it!


My munchkins on the other hand, have grown out of the traditional egg hunts. They wanted a treasure-hunt-egg-hunt. Complete with map, clues and the whole x-marks-the-spot-schpeel. So - I did it.

These were hidden under the tail gate of the brown truck. It ended up being a harder spot than I originally imagined. The clue was, “The Easter Bunny is out of luck, He’s hiding eggs in a truck.”

Yeah, no Baxter Black... But not too bad! Especially when I had to come up with about a dozen or so clues, much like this one.

Hmmm… the tags on the truck are about to expire. Imagine that.


And the kiddos really loved it. My Little Cowgirl made this special egg for me.

Oh how will I ever crack such a masterpiece. How could I smush this piece of art. Oh how can I ever break this proclamation of love from my youngest?

Oh - never mind. I dropped it by accident. Way to go ma!


The puppies are growing. And people are starting to make their puppy picks. Before I even know it, they will be headed to their forever homes! Happy puppies, happy people.


And Mochi is still into EVERYTHING! As usual!


But Katniss is mellowing out.


The fields are turning green.


And we get to enjoy countless everyday miracles!

Thank you for joining us here at the barnyard. Please come back soon!

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How to bomb proof a pony

bomb proof

Yes, this is the truth! Welcome to the barnyard, where the girls have been busy bomb proofing the ponies! (I saw this online the other day and just had to share!)

IMG 3639

Here at the pony circus Billie is teaching Molly to stand in a tractor tire. Why? Because the tire is there, so the pony should stand in it. That’s all.

IMG 3640

And if Molly does it, so should Sara.

IMG 3641

And then into the barn, where the pony beauty treatments are given. The Girls got Dapples’ mane and tail all combed so nicely, and we were thinking, “How fun would it be to dye the pony hair?!” That’s when someone remembered something they saw on Pinterest about dying hair with Kool Aide.

Away we went.

IMG 3642

I had cherry Kool Aide. That should make a cute, Easter-colored pink tail right?

IMG 3644

Yeah, turns out, not so much.

Looks like Game of Thrones meets My Little Ponies if you ask me.

(Darn it now I have the My Little Ponies theme song stuck in my head…)

IMG 3645

But why say whoa in a horse race, right? We tied the tails up with baggies to let them sit.

IMG 3648

Then went to rinse them out.

Yep, next time I am going with lime, grape, cool blue, anything but red!

Looks like poor Sara just foaled!

IMG 3649

And speaking of pony tails, looks like my little cowgirl took the term a little too literally!

Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard for some pony shenanigans! Please come back soon! There’s bound to be more fun!

DSC 0429 - Version 2

Check out the Mini Aussie puppy page! I have posted new pictures! The pups are just starting to open their eyes!

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My favorite time of year

It’s Spring Fever. That is the name of what it is. And when you’ve got it, you want - Oh, you don’t know quite what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so.

~ Mark Twain

IMG 3684

I guess I can say it is official. My favorite time of year has begun! We had our first calf! Her name is Bunny. Isn’t she a beauty?!

IMG 3495

We’ve had our first foal.

IMG 3591

And remember the darling little chicks we brought home a few weeks ago. They are growing! Here is Pearl.

IMG 3593

And this is War Paint.

IMG 3599

And this is Chicky MoMo.

IMG 3595

This one was unnamed, but after capturing this shot, I think I must call her Psycho Hen. Or something like that. Do you have any ideas?

“Are you talking to me? Are YOU talking to ME?!"

IMG 3653

The Girls came over during the weekend, and as usual we had so much fun! Here is the Mini Pony circus. Tires to jump in, a ramp to jump up and down and all sorts of Pony shenanigans were had here!

IMG 3625

We are rebuilding and repairing the old chicken coop here at the barnyard. The Girls were really excited to do some painting. Luckily I had some old paint in the garage. I gave them the yellow, and they picked the red. It is an interesting color combination...

IMG 3635

It’s a good thing the chickens haven’t seen any popular horror films!

At least Psycho Hen should feel right at home here.

IMG 3690

One last fun thing from the weekend - I taught my Gidget buddy to jump up into my arms! Little Gidge is becoming quite a good dog. She is a pup I kept out of the Buddy x Kelsey litter I had last summer.

IMG 3661

She took a snooze in the truck and I took this photo with my big mitt to show her full-grown size.

IMG 3609

She’s a real cutie, but don’t let her fool you! She is a great working dog and is getting better and better everyday!

Her mother, Kelsey has the April Fool’s Day litter we currently are taking names down for a waiting list. Check them out!

IMG 3533

And one last picture of Jacques, Pierre and Chief.

Chief is the father to the same litter, mentioned above.

Pierre is the future boyfriend for Psycho Hen. Good luck Pierre!

Thank you for joining us here at the barnyard! There is sure to be more Spring time fun here soon! What is your favorite thing about spring?

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