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Elk Hunting

November 29, 2018

IMG 5598

Last weekend after a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends we headed up to Montana for some hunting. The morning started crisp and beautiful and quickly warmed up.

IMG 5603-2

As we drove around in the mountains looking for elk...

IMG 5605

It reminded me me of all the fun family times we had growing up hunting.

IMG 5607

Bouncing around on back roads in the pick up truck...

IMG 5610-2

Made me a little nostalgic for grape soda and generic brand Cheetos...

IMG 5612-2

And for my brothers and sister who would be sharing those snacks with me.

IMG 5622-2

We never did spot any elk, which is what happens any time I go elk hunting! But I got lots of good shots with my camera. And it was fun to add a new hunting memory that included skittles and ice tea.

IMG 5670

Thank you so much for joining me here at the barnyard! We have a couple Dalmatian puppies available at this time.

mini aussie 5582

And I have just a few mini and toy Australian Shepherd puppies that are ready to go before Christmas. Check them out.

We’ll see you next time!

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