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Breaking news!

May 30, 2014

Waterhole 0788

Have you heard the news?

Everyone around the waterhole is talking about it!

This just in from the local barnyard advisory!

Beep - beep - beepety - beep!

Your local barnyard advisory has this announcement for you:

Psycho Rooster 0783

Psycho Hen is actually - Psycho Rooster!

Maybe that is why she - he - it was always giving me the evil eye.

But what a lovely bird Psycho Rooster is becoming!

You can all go back to your regularly scheduled programming now.

Thanks for joining me here at the barnyard! Come back soon!

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Lowrys Smokin’ Gun

May 28, 2014

DSC 0685

I had to share a few more photos of my new little guy.

DSC 0694

I just can’t get enough of him! And he tends to be a less-than-cooperative little model.

DSC 0696

But he is cute and leggy - that is for sure!

DSC 0700

His mom’s name is Lowrys Harlar Lady out of Lowrys Last Star from Lowry Star himself, going back to Lowry Hancock Jr.

DSC 0707

His dad is Josies Gun Slinger our of Mr. Silver Pistol who is and own son of Palygun, who is as we know out of Freckles Playboy! That’s on the top side.

Bottom side goes back to Doc O’lena, Smart Hickory, Doc’s General and Miss Gay Bar Cody.

Yes, I am throwing some big names about. Shamelessly. Happily and proudly.

2DSC 0750

Meet Lowrys Smokin’ Gun!

This wasn’t exactly the post I had planned for you today. But you know what they say about the best laid plans! Here at the barnyard they are sure to get mucked up!

Please come back soon!

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The Hunger Games - barnyard style

May 22, 2014

DSC 0957

I watched Prim playing with a mouse for about 5 minutes thinking, “That dog gone cat! I am never feeding her again if she can sit there and play with mice! Grrr!”

But then I remembered to grab my camera so I could complain about my worthless cat to you.

DSC 0958a

As soon as I got the camera to my eyeball, Katniss swooped out of no where and stole Prim’s mouse.

DSC 0960

The victor emerges from the cornucopia.

DSC 0962

And Prim is left to play the Hunger Games.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Thanks for indulging my nerdy side today! Come back to the barnyard soon.

I will strive to use less fan girl references.

No promises.

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1st QH baby!

DSC 1062

Guess what?! Yep you guessed it! My first Quarter horse baby! A gorgeous, long-legged, smart-headed little colt! Could I be any happier?

DSC 1002e

I think not! His mama is Lowrys Harlar Lady (April) and his dad is Josie’s Gun Slinger. This kid is bred to the nines! (I will do a full report later.)

I think I am going to call him Lowrys Smokin’ Gun. Smokey for short.

DSC 1066

And because it is nearly impossible for me to focus on only one thing per post - I wanted to share this.

DSC 1066

I’ve been a little frustrated with my photos lately. They seem flat and dull and dreary and blah! Even though my sister has assured me there is nothing wrong with my photos, (but then that is what sisters are for!) I went digging to find out what I could do to put some life and color and verv (is that a word?) back into my photos.

Then I stumbled onto a blog the 7 MSN Ranch and Rancher Lady there gave me some helpful hints! Which I am loving! (Go check out her site immediately!)

Here is before.

DSC 1066

And here is after.

What I did - Crop. PW Seventies action at 74% - PW Quick edge burn at 37% - PW Fresh and colorful - PW Boost

Those are the Pioneer Woman’s Photoshop actions. Click here if you want to add those actions to your list!

I’m going to sign off for now because the tiller guy is coming to work up my garden and I need to be there to meet him and tell him where the tomatoes are going! Very fun!

Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard! Come back soon!

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Just Ducky

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

IMG 3872

At my real job, the preschool needed some fertilized eggs to put in the incubator. Being short of such eggs, (Chicky Mo Mo and the gang have not started laying yet,) my friend Stacey offered up some duck eggs.

IMG 3879

And three perfect, downy ducklings emerged!

DSC 0422

Meet Igor, Agnes and...

DSC 0419


IMG 3982

We brought them home from the preschool to meet the gang. Psycho Hen was the first to greet them. I think they were a little overwhelmed.

IMG 3981

Poor Eleanor waddled up to greet the gang like any social fowl would do. Pearl and Psycho Hen didn't seem to be very gracious hostesses.

IMG 3979

Then War Paint got in on the meet-and-do-not-greet action. I have a feeling poor Igor, Eleanor and Agnes will have to start their own Duck Gang. Or be hen pecked their whole lives!

IMG 3985

But an all-duck gang could be fun! There will be tons of pool parties!

IMG 3992

And sun bathing!

IMG 4038

And I think they might even make me the leader of their gang! Welcome Eleanor, Igor, and Agnes to the Barnyard!

April Fool’s Puppies

DSC 0673

These are Kelsey x Chief Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies that were born on April Fool’s Day.

DSC 0691

She had 11 of the little stinkers and she raised all of the fluffy, cute, chubby ear biters!

DSC 0725

It is an amazing, beautiful litter.

DSC 0810

Look at them!

DSC 0803

This is Gracie. She is a blue Merle Female Miniature Australian Shepherd.

DSC 0763A

Little Brave. He is a blue merle male Miniature Australian Shepherd.

DSC 0753

Sprinkles. Blue-eyed Wyoming ranch raised Miniature Australian Shepherd.

DSC 0890

All the puppies are sold and at their forever homes!

DSC 0839

They are just beautiful. Even if I do say so myself.

Thank you so much for joking us here at the Barnyard. Come back soon!

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The Cowley Spring Rodeo

It's boots and chaps

It's cowboy hats

It's spurs and latigo

It's the ropes and the reins

And the joy and the pain

And they call the thing rodeo!

~ Rodeo - Garth Brooks


With the Cowley Spring rodeo, right here in Cowley, WY we start the rodeo season off with a bang!

Or - rather - a buck!


Booger Buck is his name.

The horse, not the cowboy. (But if you know me at all, you should know that is who I am referring to.)


Olympia is flying high. She is the Western Original’s darling.

She and I have a few differences we will need to work out if we are to ever to become friends.

That’s not likely, if you ask me the Western Original can only have one darling in his world. And it ain’t her!


Sibling Rivalry gave it a good shot.


I had to include a photo of some of our favorite pick up riders in the world doing what they do best. These are some real Wyoming Cowboys!


Feather Duster - Feathers for short, is proving her worth! I cannot wait to breed her to Billy the Kid and see what kind of massive bucking horse we get out of that pair!

Shall we name the baby Billy Feathers?


Strawberry Shortcake is a little firecracker!

“Look ma, no hands!” (the cowboy this time.)


“Ooof." (Also the cowboy.)


Vice, floating on air, or so it would seem. He’s quite a Wyoming bucking bull!


Remember Tooth Fairy? He can really buck! Not bad for a bull that enjoys back rubs and cucumbers, huh?


We haven’t officially named this paint horse. But he has earned one. He was named Pancho when we bought him, but that lacks a certain luster. We called him Crazy 8s at the rodeo, but…. maybe he needs a name more suited for him. Ideas? for the naming contest or comment below.

** Update - This horse had been named Freckles Plowboy!

Thanks for joining us for a great Wyoming rodeo! We hope to see you soon!

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Pepita - the long awaited mini baby

DSC 0258

My little cowgirl has been telling me for several weeks now that S’mores would have her baby on May 3. When I woke up on the morning of May 3, and there was no baby, I thought, “Ah well, better luck next time."

DSC 0263

So we loaded up and headed to the rodeo and came home in the afternoon.

DSC 0278

To thislittlecrooked-nosed bundle of joy!

DSC 0280

30 pounds of fluffy, mini horse, cuteness!

DSC 0284

She is well loved!

DSC 0289

Completely, totally, wholly floating on a cloud of mini horse adoration!

DSC 0303

Her name is Pepita, from a much-loved-book.

DSC 0310

We will call her Peppy for short… or Pepsi. That snuck out this morning and I sort of love it.

DSC 0320

Her nose is soft, and fuzzy with long, adorable chin hairs.

DSC 0321

And totally kissable!

DSC 0324

This is love!

DSC 0330

Good night everyone! We’ll see you soon! Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard!

Erin Stiver-Henson 2013