Adelaide’s adorable Texas Heeler Puppies

2-23-22 - Update - All Adelaide’s pups have gone to new homes. We are excited to be looking forward to a litter of miniature heelers summer or 2022! Stay tuned for more, and sign up fo my email alerts if you want me to shoot you the news!

Josie and Gus

My daughter Adelaide has started her own breeding program. She has an adorable, fat, happy litter of Texas heelers that are ready to go just in time for Christmas. Her female Josie is full bred mini heeler and is the nicest, kindest, smartest heeler I have ever met in my life! We bred her to Gus who is a happy, fun loving mini Aussie. I expect these babies to be between 20-40lbs full grown, to love everyone they meet and they have great working, service to pet abilities. These are Adelaide’s puppies, please call or shoot her a text at 307-254-4300. They are ready to go

IMG 3117

Sold - Tuck- the last of the Texas Heeler puppies, he loves to play and nibble on your fingers, he's such a happy guy and so willing to please. He's been here on the ranch with us, living his best life, but is ready to go on and find his perfect home and best friend forever. He has had all his shots, including rabies so he won't need anymore shots for one year. $500

Please call or text Adelaide at 307-254-4300

Here's a quick instagram video

IMG 3144

Sold - Oakley - the only female of this group of cowboy dogs and she is beautiful, she tends to be a little more serious than her brothers and is super excited to start devoting her life to someone special. $650

Please call or text Adelaideat 307-254-4300

Here's a quick instagram video

IMG 1755

Sold - Poncho - Biggest Texas heeler male, he is very smart, loves to get out and go and has the biggest, fattest cutest face. $650

Please call or text Adelaide at 307-254-4300

IMG 2503

Sold - Cinch - gorgeous male Texas heeler that loves cuddle, sit on laps and be with people all the time. I love his dark eyes and gorgeous copper. $550

Please call or Text Adelaide at 307-254-4300

IMG 1752

Riggin sold

IMG 1751

Bronc sold


We will be making a trip to Fort Collins, Colorado this weekend and we are happy to meet/deliver a puppy anywhere along the way. We will make this trip again for New Year's.

IMG 2037 2

Thank you so much for stopping by the Barnyard! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of fabulous food and loved ones!

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Theres a couple horse, calves and goats available now too!

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