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Abby in Yellowstone

This is Abby, she was a Buddy/Rainy puppy. Laura and Joe sent us this picture when she was 9 months and 14-1/2 inches. Laura said, “She is an awesome dog, and a talker and is loving the winter in Yellowstone.”

What a beautiful dog and how lucky to get to spend her life in none other but Yellowstone National Park! Thanks so much for sharing Laura!


We have had Dali for over two years now and she has always been who she is! She is a very loving, fun, smart and caring animal who has seemed to think she is just another person. She was extremely easy to train and fit into our lives even with moving three places in two years. Her adaptability has really made our lives easy and basically worry free….she even gets along with the cat!

Recently, we have had a baby girl and Dali has been very loving and protective of her since day one. Dali sleeps in the baby’s room, by choice, and plays with her very carefully….she just loves the baby! Everyone who meets Dali always says “what a good dog” “she is so smart” and “where did you get her”. We couldn’t have been any luckier!

Thanks Erin!

Joey (Rainy:Jack cross)
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Kaycee was from our very first litter. He traveled all the way to Georgia to make his home. Here is what his family told us:

Hi Erin, hereare some of the latest pictures of Kaycee the puppy we received from you in August. My 4 yr old is just crazy about him and they are the best of friends. We are really amazed at how smart he is and how easily he learns new things. Kaycee loves his frizbee and kong ball and, will ask for u to throw either one. He's truly part of the family and we love him lots !! Thanks again for all your family did for us to be able to bring him to Georgia !

Thanks Ken and family.

PS he does miss the mountain air !!!!

IMG 1100

Missy from Wheatland: I got the little blue Merle female from Kathy. I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoy her. She is beautiful & I get a lot of complements on her... I am very happy with my puppy & just wanted to let you know! Thanks so much!!!

Thank you Missy!

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“Not many days go by that I am not thinking about you... and thanking you. That little Louie is one special boy. We of course had a birthday party on Sunday and when I get the computer and the camera in the same spot I'll get you some pictures.

thanks again for Louie! He is a helper, the guard dog, he loves to bark at horses- but not cows, or sheep.. he will watch the deer and only chase them when they step in our yard.

He loves outside, he is the party planner and rounds us all up when it is time to go some where or when we are hiking in the mountains he keeps us in a nice little pack... he also loves to mountain bike. I could go on and on about what a good boy his is... but none of it has to do with me. I know it is the parents and his first few months of being allowed to be a dog by your family. . “


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Here's little Hoot at 5 months! Just love her!!

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Hey Erin just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our pup. Will is getting along great with Tri. He's been sleeping through the nights and learning new things every day We've never had a smarter pup! He is so smart. Not one accident in the house, totally crate trained at night. Put him and will to bed and he sleeps all night. Best experience with a pup so far. Didn't even throw up coming over mountain. We had a crazy weekend with everyone wanting to see him and will not leaving him one second I was worried today when it was going to be just he and I he would be so lonely but it's been a great day so far. Thanks for everything.

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Rochelle loves her Muffin!


This is Merle a Dolly/Buddy puppy. Ally writes, “I swear he can talk! Haha! We’ve had lots of conversations! Definitely the best dog I have ever had! We are so grateful for him! And so is our pit bull mix! They play for hours! Merle now shakes with both hands, high fives, and LOVES playing fetch! Tennis ball are his favorite!"

Thank you Ally for giving him such a wonderful home!

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