Summer 2020 Update

August 3, 2020

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Boy 2020 has been a wild ride so far hasn’t it?! While most of the world has slowed down and taken a time out because of the Corona, life here on the ranch has stayed just as busy as normal, or maybe more busy!

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We just got done with a week at the county fair. Addie showed her steer Curley Fry and entered several photos to be judged..

IMG 2516

Addie and Curley Fry

IMG 2548

Addie and Curly did well in their market class and placed second. Mountain Construction bought Curly at the Big Horn County Jr. Livestock Sale this week so another HUGE shout out to them for their support of our area youth!

IMG 2588

While Addie enjoyed raising and showing her steer, her true passion this summer has been riding bucking horses! She eats, drinks and breathes bucking horses right now! Her enthusiasm and passion for it amazes me.


She’s really pretty good at it, but it keeps me busy praying (and my hair just gets grayer and grayer!) Thank you David Huber for the photos!


I am back to working part time on a fencing grew with my good friends. We are working near Ten Sleep right now, so not only do I get good and warn out on these 100 degree days, but I also don’t have much phone service to answer calls or emails, and boy am I behind on correspondence! Please be patient with me as I try to get caught up (hopefully this blog post will help.)

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My next Mini Aussie litter will be a Riley and Riggin litter. I hope to be announcing that litter around the 19 of august. Read more about them here.

Dahlis and June

For a little extra bonus this summer, my sister Beth is expecting a litter of Australian Shepherd x Catahoula cross puppies. They will be priced lower than my full Aussies and have a higher working drive than some of my pups. Be sure to start researching the breed now so you can be prepared to pull the trigger when I announce them (if they are right for you.)

IMG 4034

I am getting a lot of interest in Dalmatian puppies. I am expecting to announce a litter in October or so. Unfortunately I don’t think I can expect any spotty puppies sooner than that.

TBT hooey

One last final fun photo for you. This is Hooey a Riggin x Riley puppy from 2017. He is all grown up and looking gorgeous! If you want to see more TBT pictures visit my before and after page.

Thank you so much for joining me here at the barnyard! Please stop by again.

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