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National Nap Day

March 13, 2018

Miniature-australian-shepherd-puppes 6982

Look how these beautiful puppies are growing!

Miniature-australian-shepherd-puppies 6977

They will be ready to go to their new homes this weekend!

Akeela-Mini-aussie 6999

So I wanted to take them out for “action” shots for their last photoshoot before they went to their new homes. Akeela loved getting out and exploring.

Finn-mini-Aussie 7001

Finn loved seeing the new sites!

Finley-mini-aussie 6998

There were weeds to chew on. Finley really got after them!

Mini-aussie-puppies-and-kitten 7028-2

And kittens to bother. Atryu and Saber decided the cats needed harassing.

Akeela-Mini-aussie 7007

But pretty soon the sun started warming us up. Akeela sat next to my feet.

Finley-mini-aussie 6855

You can practically see Finely melting into my leg.

Atreyu-mini-aussie 6898

Puppies went from chasing cats, to getting close to me. Atreyu can say love with his eyes.

Saber 6914

Saber is getting sleepy.

Ares-Mini-aussie 6874

Puppies started crawling up on my lap! Ares stays as close to me as possible!

Miniature-australian-shepherd-puppies 6916

Everyone just got snugglier, and snugglier.

Mini-aussie-puppies 6869

Trying to all get on my lap at the same time.

Miniature-autralian-shepherd-puppies 6972

Till I had everyone asleep in my lap! Lined up like little sleepy ducks!

Jamie-toy-aussie 6932

Except for Jamie, because he is sort of independent like that.

Finn-Mini-aussie 7003

But I got a couple nice photos for you to enjoy!

Ian-toy-aussie 6889

And I had a blast playing with these little fellas!Later I found out it was National Nap Day. So I guess it all works out in the end.

Be sure to check out my available puppies page. I have just a couple that still are looking fortheirhomes!

Thank you so much for swinging by the barnyard and playing with puppies with me. Come back soon!

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