Adelaide’s Heelers

Updated 7-26-22

If you are interested in any of these cuties please give Adelaide a call at 307-254-4300 or shoot her a text. All puppies are sold first come first serve. All pups are sold no breeding rights. Breeding rights are available for an additional price. I ask for a $200 deposit to hold a puppy till they are ready for pick up. Puppies are sold with age appropriate shots, and myhealth guarantee.Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you! Adelaide 307-254-4300


Adelaide has a litter of Heelers, or Australian Cattle Dogs. Jack, the blue in the front is the father. He is a mini at 14” and 30lbs. Josey is the mom, she is a small standard at 17” and 40lbs. Josey is thenicest, kindest, smartest heeler I have ever met in my life! Her pups have turned out amazing and have a good working drive and great petattitude!Both dogs great with kids, and strangers and both love the livestock and living on the ranch.We are super excited for these small standard/large mini heelers! The pups were born 4-25-22. They are utd on vaccinations and are ready for their new homes.

IMG 5845

Jackson - male, he is the lightest colored pup with the most personality! We expect him to be colored more like his mom when is finished out. He weighed 5.2lbs at 7 weeks.The puppy growth chart calculator puts his estimated adult size at 20.6lbs (how accurate that is, I don’t know.)We think he will be a large mini heeler or small standard heeler. Jackson is the wild man ofthe litter, he is up for anything! Running in the corral, following behind a horse, chasing a side by side, he can do it! He is active and has a high desire to work! $550

Text or call Adelaide 307-254-4300 for more info and availability

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Georgia is the biggest female at 5.6lbs at 7 weeks.The puppy growth chart calculator puts his estimated adult size at 22.6lbs (how accurate that is, I don’t know.) We think she will be a small standard heeler. We took Georgia fencing with us and she was a rock star! Up and down a terrible, bouncymountainroad for 2 hours each direction with out a sign of carsickness or a complaint! All day fencing on themountain, in the side-by-side, hearing the noise of the post pounder and chainsaw, all she did was wait in the shade for us. Didn’t run or hide at noises, didn’t chew anything up, was just a good as a little dog could be! If you want a good partner that doesn’t have a huge working drive, she is as good as they come!$650

Text or call Adelaide 307-254-4300 for more info and availability

~~ Older Pups ~~

IMG 4767

Tuck- the last of the Texas Heeler puppies, he loves to play and nibble on your fingers, he's such a happy guy and so willing to please. He's been here on the ranch with us, living his best life, but is ready to go on and find his perfect home and best friend forever. We have thought he has found his forever home several times, but he keeps sticking around. He will be the perfect companion for someone. He has had all his shots, including rabies so he won't need anymore shots for one year. He does get really car sick. Free to a good home. More about the Texas Heelers here. Call or Text Adelaide at 307-254-4300

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