Adelaide’s Heelers

Updated 9-13-23

Adelaide has had a litter of beautiful puppies!

All puppies are sold first come first serve. All pups are sold no breeding rights. Breeding rights are available for an additional price.There is a$200 deposit to hold a puppy till they are ready for pick up. Puppies are sold with age appropriate shots, and myhealth guarantee.Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you! Adelaide 307-254-4300


Jack, the blue in the front is the father. He is a mini at 14” and 30lbs. Josey is the mom, she is a small standard at 17” and 40lbs. Josey is thenicest, kindest, smartest heeler I have ever met in my life! Her pups have turned out amazing and have a good working drive and great petattitude!Both dogs great with kids, and strangers and both love the livestock and living on the ranch.We are super excited for the this litter of small standard/large mini heelers!

These pups were born on the 4th of July, they will be ready to go home Labor Day weekend.

IMG 1238

Lyla - female, she is smart and watches everything we do. She will make a best friend and working buddy for someone special. $950

Call/text Adelaide 307-254-4300

IMG 0803

Estabon is a good boy who loves doing a good job, smiles as he works and is a pure joy to be around. $950

Call/text Adelaide 307-254-4300

IMG 0877

Bridger is a pretty girl who is sweet and kind, she smiles constantly and is super easy going. $950

Call/text Adelaide 307-254-4300

IMG 0872

Kubota is the big boy of this litter! This little bull dozer smiles and loves crawling through the cool grass to tickle his belly. He is wiggly, chunky and loving. $950

Call/text Adelaide 307-254-4300

IMG 1031

Chief has the best mask, and is super expressive. He loves people and will make a great best friend or working buddy. $950

Call/text Adelaide 307-254-4300

Erin Stiver-Henson 2013