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Ranch pups and nosey horses


Hope 0896

We saw over 40 degrees yesterday! After a loooong haul of day time highs being in the single digits (or lower) 40 felt like heaven!

So I took the puppies out for a photoshoot and they had a blast! Hope had tons of fun running and licking up the snow.

Tabby 0933-(1)

Tabby thought the snow was fabulous! I think she may have been making snow angels, what do you think?

Miniature-australian-shepherd-puppies 0944

It was so warm I even took my coat off for a while during the photoshoot. The pups where having a blast playing on it.

Mini-aussie-boy-pups 0975

When suddenly!

Woof! What’s that?! Woof!

Stumpy, Raja and Matthew went on his alert!

Millie-and-Dime 0970

Oh it’s only nosey horses. Montana Millie led the investigation posse, with Old Dime coming up behind.

Mini-aussie-boy-pups 0977

The boy pups went bounding forward to greet this new adventure! Matthew and Raja.


Millie, Old Dime, Raja and Matthew checked each other out. (Raja is never terribly concerned about anything. Can you tell?)

Mini-aussie-girl-puppies 0017

The girls went running for cover. Hope and Tabby thought there were safer feet to stand near than the horses'. (I think they may be right.)

Dick-Gifford-and-buckskin-horse 0013

While Dusty went to say, “Hi," to Gifford, the girls stayed safe and Raja just kept being happy-go-lucky Raja. Not a care in the world!

Horses-talking 0003

Meanwhile Tres asked Millie, “What are those things?”

Funny-face-horse 0996

And Old Dime said, “I know what they are! They’re puppies! Yuck!”

Hey, Dime, I think you may have something in your teeth.

Cows-and-the-Pryor 5166

Thank you forjoiningus here at the barnyard! Check out the available puppies! And come back soon, we sure appreciated having you!

** Check out our current available puppies here

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2017 Starts out chilly!


Fjord-merry-Christmas 0013

It was a little different Christmas than we are used to around here.

Black-and-white-horses 0040

The kids got to head to the coast of Oregon with my family.

Christmas-feast-equine-style 0055

While I stayed home to take care of the horses.

Miniature-australian-shepherds-riding-shot-gun 0088

And the dogs.

Erin-Stiver-Henson-how-we-roll 0067

But I had good company.

Wyoming-skies 0142

And took some pretty pictures in the cold!

Wyoming-skies 0152

Really cold! Highs of zero on lots of days!

Wyoming-skies 0157

But it was so beautiful, (I keep reminding myself of that!)

Puzzle 0817

And I did get some fabulous puppy pictures! And the cold never bothered me any, right?!

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