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First Baby of 2017

May 10, 2017

Bucking-horse-mares 0781

We went out to check the bucking horse mares on Sunday, May 7 and look what we found!

Bucking-horse-mares 0783

Look fast, there they go!

Bucking-horse-baby 0871

First bucking horse baby of the year! Out of Billy Both Socks and a mare that we bought from Rob Tillett.

And you will never believe this in a million years, but he was born on my friend Billie Tillett’s Birthday! Can you believe that?!

I have no choice but to name this colt Billy Tillett. There is just no other way.

Billy-the-kid-bucking-horses 0801

Like a good uncle, Billy the Kid came to check us out, while we checked out his mares.

Gifford-and-Billy-checking-the-bucking-mares-together 0833

Gifford and Billy watching the mares.

Gifford-and-billy 0839

And saying, “Howdy."

Gifford-and-Billy-handshake 0845

And sharing a handshake.

Bucking-horse-baby 0876

While the boys where exchanging formalities, it gave the baby time to stretch out in the shade. But as I got closer mom gave him a little nudge.

Bucking-horse-baby 0880

And up he went.

Bucking-horse-babies 0888

And off they went.

And foaling season is officially started yay! Stop back again to see more baby pictures, I love to share them! Thanks so much!

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Puppies in May!!

May 2, 2015 — Update All puppies have found their homes!

Riggin x Riley

The first litter is out of Riggin x Riley, these pups were born March 12 and are ready to go! Riggin is 15" +/- and about 30 lbs, Riley is 14” +/- and about 30 lbs. They aren’t real tall dogs, but they are about as wide as they are tall. Riggin is the kindest, gentlest male dog I have ever met and Riley is happy go lucky and loves everyone!

Cinna 0735

Cinna is a red merle male, he has two blue eyes, he is the quietest and shyest pup of the litter and is absolutely stunning! $950

Iris 0776

Iris is a red tri female, she has two hazel eyes, she is super calm and loves to cuddle. $800

Chief x Gidget

The second litter is the Cheif x Gidget litter. They were born March 17, and will be ready to go the first this weekend. Chief is about 15" and about 25lbs. Gidget is 14" and about 12lbs. Both are really fabulous dogs and we have been very happy with this cras in previous litters.

Bud 0653

Bud is a black tri male, he has two brown eyes, he is a turkey! $700

Jade 0722

Jade is a black tri female, she has two brown eyes, and is full of personality! $800

Neo 0692

Neo is a blue merle male, he has blue brown eyes, he is not marked perfectly but is beautiful and as healthy as can be and full of fun! $600

If you are interested in any of these cuties give me a call or a text, I have been having a terrible time trying to keep up on my email!

Thanks so much!



Cowley-spring-Rodeo-Poster 0047

Cowley Spring rodeo is this weekend! See you all there!

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