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Fishing with Uncle Matt

July 14, 2015

DSC 0990

My brother Matthew invited us to meet him up on the mountain to go fishing.

DSC 0129

It seems like we are always so busy working and feeding and riding and rodeoing and choring that we seldom take the time to go to the mountain that we see from our yard every day.

DSC 0067

But we carved out an afternoon and headed to the lake.

DSC 0139

We caught just a few fish.

DSC 0144

They weren’t very big.

DSC 0030

But we had a ton of fun!

DSC 0032

And made some memories.

DSC 0147

Addie took her Pom, Leighla.

DSC 0153

And Dick brought his princess, Holly.

DSC 0998

And we ralaxed. And fished. And snacked. And laughed.

DSC 0075

And had a fabulous fishing trip! Thank you Matt!

In other news…..

DSC 0015

The last two mini aussie pups are still looking for their perfect homes!

DSC 0051

And I am updating my horses for sale page. Dick has been busy finding them, I better get busy selling them!

Thank you so much for joining us! Next Rodeo Saturday, July 25 at Cowley! See you there!

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