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Jazzy the Brahma Heifer

March 30, 2019

Bull-riding-babe 5949

We have some spoiled bulls around here. My bull Tooth Fairy.

Calf cuddles 2602

These are Addie’s bulls Leap and Tom Thumb

IMG 2601 2

They are very loved, and very spoiled!

Brahma Calf 2450

A new little sweetheart joined the ranks the other day. She was cold and still when we found her in the corral. Her mom was a first calf heifer and didn’t really know the ropes.

Brahma Calf 2530

So we brought her in and warmed her up.

Brahma Calf 2477

She’s doing great and has a ton of personality and is super cute!

Brahma Calf 2536

She’s on the bottle. We weren’t successful on getting her back on her mom.

Cowpoke Corner Calf 2594

She travels well in the car.

Cowpoke Corner Calves 2014-2

And we just can’t get enough of our Spazzy Jazzy. She’s a keeper for sure!

Mini aussie puppy 2276

I have one Mini Aussie puppy available now. I will be announcing another litter in just a few days I hope. I am hoping for Dalmatian puppies in a couple months.

Thank you so much for joining me here at the barnyard! Please stop by again.

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