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Shadow and Bold Face

September 19, 2017

Dick-Gifford-Bucking-horse 8825

We had a couple of these good bucking horses we were selling earlier this fall.

Black-bucking-horse 8820

So I needed to get some pictures of them for the potential buyers.

Empty-Shadows 8819

And they turned out do good I had to share them.

Empty-Shadows-Bucking-horse 8826

This is Empty Shadows. He was born right in the pasture behind the house. We got to pet him and scratch him moments after he was born.

Wyoming-Bucking-horse 8829

Now he is a fantastic bucking horse, all grown up and ready to make his way in the world.

And while we are here! A HUGE thank you to David Huber of Huber Photography! He takes such fantastic photos! Head on over to his web page to check out the photos he captured of our rodeos!

Rodeo-Bucking-horse 8824

And this is Billy Bold Face.

Billy-Bold-Face-bucking-horse 8827

He is out of the old mare we called Billy’s Mom.

Bucking-horse 8822

Because we name all her foals Billy something.

Billy-Bold-Face 8817

Billy the Kid, Billy Both Socks, Billie Katelyn, Billie Black Beauty...

Gifford-bucking-horse 8821

And this is Billy Bold Face.

Bucking-horses 8823

Standing next to his nephew. Can you see the family resemblance?

Wyoming-bucking-horse-colt 8828

What do you think we should name this little cutie?

We have more bucking horses for sale, give us a ring if you’re looking for a good one! 307-254-3968

We have some practice one listed on our horses for sale page.

And we have puppies!

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I’ll Sail Away!

September 3

Cowpoke-Corner-Irrigating 8939

I don’t want to you get the idea that life is all work and no play around here.


So I thought I better share some “play” pictures. A while ago a great neighbor gave Aiden a sailboat. And since my friend and I always tease about buying a sailboat and sailing away, I thought this would be perfect!

Wyoming-sailing 8760

Turns out I know NOTHING about sailboats! Good thing I travel with MILES of baling twine.

BTW I prefer the term “lifeline” to “anchor" here.

Wyoming-sailing 8762

The kids had gone to Dubois to watch the eclipse. So we met mom at Boysen reservoir and had a great time floating around one last time before school started.

Erin-Stiver-Henson-at-the-lake 8976

Just two weeks later Dad suggested a trip to the lake and we headed up to Big Horn Lake.

Wtoming-sailing 8974

And we hoped that Jane could give us some sailing lessons.

Wyoming-surfing 8979

Turns out the ONE thing that can make the wind quit blowing in Wyoming is me and a sailboat. But we had lots of fun anyway!

Wyoming-skies 8832

Now back to the grind and even if there is a lot of work to be done around here, at least the view from my office is pretty sweet!

I-don't-think-Ruysty-trusts-my-driving 9008

One final giggle.

I have announced my latest puppies to my email notifications list. I will be posting any remaining pups here Tuesday. If you want to be on my email list please shoot me an email and let me know!

Addie and I are working on getting some more horses posted!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please come back soon!

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