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Josh likes to show people pictures on my web page.


He wanted to show off this picture of Ribbon the other day and was disappointed it was not on my web page.

Ribbon Puppy pics

Ribbon is a Riggin by Riley puppy that we kept from this last litter. She is beautiful and smart and just LOVES water (like her mom!) She really wants to grow up to be a cow dog.


This is Josh’s dog Ducky and Ribbon. The photo really doesn’t do either one of them justice, but you know, group shots, they are hard to get.


I wanted to include some puppy photos of Ducky, because man, she’s just so cute!


She’s not much of a cuddle bug, but occasionally you can get a snuggle.


Usually she likes to sprawl out on the ground like she’s broken.


Here is Maggie, Ducky and Birdie.


This blog post wouldn’t be complete without a picture of Josh’s cat Angus.


And a picture when he was just a cute little hoodlum.


While I’m introducing everyone, this is Josey and Jack, Addie’s healer dogs.


And, well, if I’m doing a blog post of pictures that Josh might want to show off, I’m going to include this picture of the white tail buck I got last fall.


I love you darling!

I have a mini aussie pup available now. Check her out.

And don’t forget about Finn!

Theres a couple horse, calves and goats available now too!

Thank you all for stopping by the Barnyard! Swing on through any time!

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