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Up Pony Creek

June 24, 2015


It was a hot one yesterday. The girls wanted to take a pony to the creek for a swim. They were willing to walk… but I knew it would be more fun if they didn’t have to.

But those of you who know me, know I am like the worst driver in the world and have not tackled pulling a trailer - yet.

So I improvise.


Little Sarah jumped right into the back of the truck. And despite several funny looks by other vehicles, we traveled a (very) short distance down the highway. (100 yards or so.)

And then she unloaded like a champ too!

Pony-Swim 0915

And was rewarded for her efforts with a cool, refreshing swim.


With two super happy girls!

Pony-Swim 0924

She was patient and good.

Pony-swim 0926

The girls had a blast!


But I have a feeling Sarah’s feelings wouldn’t be hurt if we took a different pony next time!

(Pony selfies seldom work for me.)

Beautiful crazy mommy

This poster hangs on my wall at work. I love to look at it. I wanted to share it with you!

Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard!

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See you saturday at the Rodeo!

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Rodeo Bible Camp

June 22, 2015

Rodeo-Camp 0742

We spent last week in Beautiful Meeteetse, Wyoming for the Cowboys With a Mission Rodeo Bible Camp.

Rodeo-Camp 0743

Becoming Champions’ Rodeo Bible Camp (RBC) is for participantsages 8-18 to learn and excel in theirchosen rodeo events. It is also a time to introduce them to Christ and encourage them in a growing relationship with the Lord. RBC is blessed to have outstanding instructors, many of whom are Christian PRCA World Champions. They join us to teach rodeo skills and motivate participants towards integrity and excellence outside of the rodeo arena. Volunteer counselors spend time with each participant during the camp, answering questions and having fun. RBC is a blast for everyone!

Rodeo-Camp 0750

Aiden decided to work on roping. With his brand new horse Bullet (seriously we bought him about a week before camp).

Rodeo-Camp 0778

Addie did barrels and goat tying and a little bit of poles, (but her horse Jet frustrated her when she ran poles.)

Rodeo-Camp 0755

While they worked on events on that end of the arena the Western Original and I were behind the bucking chutes helping with the rough stock events. We brought our bulls, and a wide array of horses. Dick has supplied the rough stock for this camp since it first started 16 years ago!

Rodeo-Camp 0748

Tyson Donovan taught the bull riding.


While Sylvan La Cross taught bull fighting, and saddle bronc riding.


I put my new GoPro on some of the kids and got some really fun shots!


Now you can see what a steer rider sees!


The kids had a blast and learned a ton!

Rodeo-Camp 0790

Plus at the end of camp they both made the decision to be baptised.

Rodeo-Camp 0792

I hear the water was very cold!

Rodeo-Camp 0793

Addie said she started holding her breath too early and was gasping for air by the time her dunk was over.

Rodeo-Camp 0795

I do think it is very fitting that my kids where baptised in a stock tank at rodeo camp!

Rodeo-Camp 0833

In the end, Aiden won a buckle for heeling, Addie won a buckle for goat tying, and they both learned so much! They said the only thing they would change about camp is to make it longer! (Or have several of them through the summer.)

Thank you so much to everyone who helped with this camp!

And if any of you have kids that want to rodeo - this is the place to teach them! I would recommend it to any kid no matter their skill level! Click here to learn more.

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Next Rodeo is Lovell! See you there!

I have 1 mini aussie pup left at this point. Check him out!

Thank you so much for joining me here at the barnyard! See you next time!

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Gathering the Bucking Horses

June 15, 2015


We wintered some of our bucking horses quite a ways up the South Fork of Cody, Wy. We went to get them in the other day. I wore my go pro camera and had it set to take a photo every 30 seconds. So watch the video below and join us for the ride!


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Baby Ducks!

June 6, 2015

Baby-Ducks 0187

I feel like Old McDonald… Here a duck, there a duck, everywhere a sitting duck! Quack, Quack. All my ducks have gone broody! Black duck is sitting.

Baby-Ducks 0186

Agnes is sitting. See her?

Baby-Ducks 0185

Yep, there she is!

Baby-Ducks 0180

And Eleanor is sitting.

Baby-Ducks 0183

Or was sitting! Now she has babies!

Baby-Ducks 0206

She has started taking them out for little strolls around the barnyard.

Baby-Ducks 0261

They are just so fluffy!

Baby-Ducks 0269

Huey, Duey and Luey? You think?

baby-ducks 0229

We have been filling the puddle in the middle of the driveway for them.

Yes, I know. I may be the only person in Wyoming right now that is actually filling her mud puddle with hose water.

Baby-ducks 0234

And after a snack, and a swim it’s back to the shade for a -

Baby-Ducks 0298

That’s right, a nap!

baby-ducks 0302

Sleep tight little ducklings, your mama is taking good care of you!

Thank you for joining me here at the Barnyard!

I understand I am having email problems from this page. I am trying to resolve them, but haven’t had much luck yet. Sorry! But you are always welcome to call me! 307-254-3968

We do have available Mini Aussie Pups! Check them out, they are soooo cute!

Until next time! ~ Erin

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