Aiden Graduated!

September 6, 2022

IMG 4051-2

Can you believe this kid graduated High School?!

IMG 3997

He was President of his FFA Chapter for 3 years...

IMG 5595-3

Excelled in wrestling and got to play football at the state championship game!

IMG 5643

I am so proud of him!

IMG 5650-2

He is big and kind!

IMG 6274


IMG 6275

And Goofy!

IMG 5676-2

Congratulations Aiden!

IMG 5686-2

Thank you to everyone for coming up and supporting him!

IMG 6276

Thank you Cammy for his amazing and delicious cake!

IMG 6277

Cammy has been making cakes for Aiden for quite a while now.

IMG 5733-2

Congratulations Aiden!

Thank you for swinging by the Barnyard!

Don’t forget, my cousin Jessica has Corgipuppies

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