Mini Aussie FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you sell puppies for?

I price each puppy individually based on a number factors: color, size, sex, conformation, and more. But the base price list is as follows: tri males $750, tri females $850, merle males $950 merle females $1050 and up.

Will the puppies have all their shots?

Yes, and no. The puppies will leave my place being up to date on shots and wormer. I start them with a 5-way vaccine at 6 weeks old.

My vet recommends a 5-way vaccine at 6, 9 and 12 weeks. At 3 moths old they are old enough for a rabies vaccine. Then they should be protected for a year, but be sure to ask your vet about vaccinations as well.

How old are the puppies when they go to their new homes?

I have found that mini aussies are ready for pick up at 8 weeks old. But I watch each litter and each individual puppy to make sure they are eating well and ready for new homes.

They leave with vet records, puppy care package and a little toy or blanket that smells like home to ease the adjustment. (During Covid I have been not sending out a toy or blanket to minimize the amount of items transferred from one household to another.)

I live…. will you meet me half way?

I would love to say yes to every person traveling distances to get a puppy from me, but it just isn’t something I can commit to. Some litters have as many as 11 puppies. That means 11 people are trying to get their puppy on roughly the same day from me. If I promised to meet each person half-way… Well I don’t need to explain it. I also live on a ranch have lots of chores to do each day. So getting away from the house is very difficult for us.

That said, I do try to help as much as possible. If I know someone that travels your direction I can try to arrange transportation and a lot of times I can arrange travel with another puppy buyer from the same litter.

So don’t be afraid to ask and I will try to help as much as possible.

How does buying a puppy work?

I contact everyone on my email list when I announce a new litter of pups. After a couple notifications one email, I post pups on my web page and Facebook. First come first serve.

Ideally I like people to come and meet the puppies in person, but I know that isn’t always feasible so I can take pictures, videos and I try to explain each pups individual characters to help you decide which pup is right for you..

It is only after you have chosen your perfect puppy that I ask for a $200 deposit. That will hold that specific puppy for you. If you have a name picked out, I will start calling the puppy by that name, and I continue to post photos so you can see your baby grow.

How will a mini aussie do if I don’t live on a ranch?

I sell my mini aussies as working dogs. We live on a ranch and my dogs work, and they are GOOD at it! I am very proud of the instincts my dogs have.

That being said, I sell most dogs to pet homes and they do very well. They need socialization, training and exercise, but I believe that is true for every dog, horse or person in the world.

What do you feed your puppies and how much and how many times a day?

I feed Purina puppy chow. I find that the pups do well on it with out breaking the bank, also anyone, anywhere can buy it. That makes it handy if you don’t want to change his/her feed.

I keep all my dogs and puppies on free feed, meaning they can eat anytime any day as much as they want. But this is not very helpful whenpotty training. I suggest feeding an 8-week-old puppy 3 times a day, the recommended amount on the back of your dog food bag and feeling it out from there. Remember a growing puppy’s appetite will change frequently as they age, and if you have any questions, just ask your veterinarian.

I hope this helps. If you have additional questions you are welcome to call me anytime!

Thanks so much!

Erin 307-254-3968

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