Random Tuesday

I heard Instagram is taking over the world… well if that is correct I might be being left behind because I haven't cracked the Instagram code yet. But I do love the effects we can put on the photos! Here are some images I edited with Instagram.

IMG 1617

I live on a ranch. The poodles are fighting over a horse apple. Anyone else not understand that?

IMG 1616

In my next life I want to come back as a cat.

IMG 1391

Check out the bug we found in the stock tank.

IMG 1579

Grapes - aren't they beautiful?

IMG 1610

Some people just look "right" in a truck. And the pup is cute too.

IMG 1560

BLT time!

IMG 1541

Cody farmers market

IMG 1542


IMG 1478

Kids and puppies. Not my photo, but I had to share.

IMG 1556


IMG 1554

Fall is in the air.

This smell 1449

We've been getting a lot of rain.

You can find me on instagram "erinstiverhenson" let me know you are there and we can share photos. Is that the idea? I am still catching on. So far it seems like just a bunch of pictures of peoples' food.

I would be happy with a few pointers!

Thanks for joining me at the barnyard! The weather is cooling down, we are looking forward to the season of stews, soups and pumpkin pies! Thankfulness, family and friends! And the NFR and Las Vegas Baby!

See you soon!

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