Scout Goes to South Dakota

April 5, 2024

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Update - Scout is sold

Aiden and Tatum had a little “mini spring break” last weekend so we decided to load up and head for the Hills. The Black Hills of South Dakota that is and we took this little stinker along for fun. Meet Scout.

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It was a long drive over to the hills, but Scout slept through it just fine.

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On the way over we stopped at Devil’s Tower, right at sunset, it made for some lovely photos.

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We went to Mount Rushmore, everyone was wishing they were smart like Tatum and wore sunglasses.

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One of my favorite spots in the Hills is Prairie Berry Winery. 10/10 recommend.

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Crazy Horse Monument.

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Coffee from the Wandering Bison in Hot Springs, SD. Scout went everywhere with us, met lots of people, hiked in the hills and was pure joy to have along!

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The best part of visiting South Dakota is seeing Aunt Kathy! Thanks for the visit and we love you!


Next trip will be to visit Addie in Texas. If you know anyone looking for a pup that would be interested in meeting me in Texas or along the way please shoot them my info! It sure is nice to help people get their pup and save them miles too!

Thank you! Erin 307-254-3968

Thank you for swinging by the Barnyard!

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Update - Scout is sold

Scout - blue merle male out of Red and Buddy, born 12-14-23, ready to go. Both of the blue males of this litter of very small, and he is the smallest and I’m guessing he will be around/under 13” and 15lbs. Two blue eyes and perfect markings. $1350

Scout took a road trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota on the family spring break. He rides in the car very well, will wait in the car with out destroying everything (he does cry like a baby), he follows you everywhere and is really good about meeting people. If you want a tiny dog that you can stick in your purse, or under your arm and go everywhere, he is the kid for you. He is almost 4 months old, staying around 10lbs so far, and looks like he has about grown into his feet. He is going to be a little guy. Call or text me for videos. Thank you! Erin 307-254-3968

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