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Puppies Announced!

September 23

They are here and they are beautiful! So much color and such great personalities!

** for updated pictures and to see what puppies I have available please click through to my available puppies page. **

First litter by Fancy and Porter. Born August 24.

Mini Aussie Tundra 0282

Sold - Blue Merle Female - Tundra - $950.

Mini Aussie Ursa 0289

sold - Black tri female - one blue eye - Ursa - $750

Mini Aussie Glacier 0293

Sold - Rafael - Blue Merle Male - was Glacier

Mini aussie Hudson 0298

Black Tri Male - one blue eye - Hudson - $750

Mini Aussie Heath 0309

Black Tri Male - Heath - $650

Rainy x Jack - they have had a couple litters together. Some pups stay really small. Like 9” even! They were born August 30.

Mini Aussie Sprinkles 0340

Sold - Blue Merle Female - Sprinkles - $900

Mini Aussie Flurry 0320

Sold - Black Tri Female - Flurry - Pending evaluation

Mini Aussie Drizzle 0326

Sold - Black tri female - Drizzle - Really small (probably stay toy sized ) $800

Mini aussie blizzard 0335

Sold - Blue merle male - striking color pattern! Blizzard - $800

Mini aussie Comet 0359

Sold - Tork - Blue Merle Male - was Comet - $750 Sold pending deposit.

Gidget x Chief - (I shouldn’t but these are) my two favorite dogs! Love them. Their second litter. Born September 4.

Mini aussie Berry 0368

Sold - Blue merle female - Berry - $950

Mini aussie Basil

sold - Earnest - Blue Merle male - was Basil - $800 (the sun is in his eyes!) Sold pending deposit.

Mini aussie Berger 0377

Black tri male - Berger $650

Mini aussie Angus 0385

Sold - Cinch Black tri male - was Angus $650 - sold pending deposit.

Mini aussie Cocoa 0395

Black tri male - Cocoa $650

To see more about the parents please click here.

To see some past puppies click here.

And to check out my frequently asked questions page please click here.

To see current available puppies please click through to my available puppies page.

Thanks so much for visiting me and these darlings! You can follow us on Facebook at email address is cowpokecornerkennels@gmail.comand you are always welcome to call me! Thanks so much! Erin 307-254-3968.

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A Country Girl’s Wardrobe

September 22, 2015

wardrobe verticle

Just Sayin'


But while we are on the subject check out my new kicks! Find them at bunkhousewestern.comwhile supplies last. ;)


And my new favorite earring! A gal at my dad’s farmers market makes them. Who wants a pair? $15 shipped in the US. I think I might try to help her market them (in exchange for free product of course!)


Thanks for stopping here at the barnyard! Next post will be puppy announcements! I am so excited I can hardly wait! Talk to you soon!

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How to Plan a Puppy Shower

September 17, 2015

Ok - now I am going to tell you, this was not my original idea, but after I heard about I loved it!

People are throwing puppy showers! Yes!

Isn’t that the greatest!? Ok - so I am not about being a crazy dog “mom.” But I am all about celebrating life! and Love! So why not? Getting a new puppy is a huge thing! And you want to share the love with your friends and family! What a perfect occasion to get together and laugh and have fun!

bone appetite

Oh yeah! It is puppy shower time!

Here are some ideas I found online. Click on the picture and it will take you back to the source for more information.

center piece

Simple, cute decorations start out every celebration.


And for the “mommy to be."

doggie blankie

A gift for the new arrival. How cute is this? Really. I have to learn to do this.

meat and cheese tray

A meat and cheese tray. Simple, cute. I found these cookie cutters on amazon for less than $8. So fun!

dog bowl


mud bath

Chocolate fountain? I think maybe yes!

toilet water

Right?! I had to include it!


It really just doesn’t take much to make some cute goodies!

pup cookie

But if you want to get a little extravagant - these are adorable!


Don’t forget treats for your 4-legged guests!

pawty favor

And a little party favor to take home. I love it!

Boy puppy

And on my end, I am going to try to keep up on puppy announcements for everyone this time around!

Girl puppy

Wish me luck!

Well if you couldn’t tell, I am getting excited for puppies! I will be making announcements soon!

Thank you for joining us here at the barnyard! and PLEASE send me pictures of your puppy showers!

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Horses ~

September 15, 2015

we-braid-our-tears 0876

Just a fun image to enjoy today.

Miniature Australian Puppies!

Dalmatian puppies!

Horses for sale!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a look around while you’re here! Come back soon!

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My Big Old Birthday Boy!

Sept 15, 2015


This is my “baskeddi" eater.


My soldier/spy/uncover agent/cowboy/indian and adventure guy.


He’s my animal rescuer. My big foot believer.


Soda guzzling.


T-ball playing.


Little boy.


Except- now he’s 12! One year from being a teenager. In Middle school!


Playing Football!

His take on his first football game which happened to be on his birthday - “Well I didn’t make any touch downs, but the team could not have won it without me!”

I think football is good for this kid!


As part of his birthday celebration we went for a ride down by Big Horn Lake.


Zoey rode Jet, Aiden rode Bullet, I rode Booger, Dick rode Wheezer and Addie was on Diablo. (She took this photo.)


As we were heading back to the horse trailer Aiden looked at me and grinned, “See mom, I told you this Cowboy Way of Life would agree with me.”

I couldn’t agree more!


At the end of the ride I asked for a funny face picture.

Some do it better than others.

Happy Birthday Aiden!

I believe I will be making puppy announcements in about 2 weeks stay tuned! If you would like to get email notifications so you know what is going on before anyone else shoot me an email and ask to be signed up!

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