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Rodeo Bible Camp 2016

RBS 0196

Becoming Champions’ Rodeo Bible Camp (RBC)is for participantsages 8-18 to learn and excel in theirchosen rodeo events. It is also a time to introduce them to Christ and encourage them in a growing relationship with the Lord. RBC is blessed to have outstanding instructors, many of whom are Christian PRCA World Champions. They join us to teach rodeo skills and motivate participants towards integrity and excellence outside of the rodeo arena. Volunteer counselors spend time with each participant during the camp, answering questions and having fun. RBC is a blast for everyone!

RBC 0919

Another year, and another Rodeo bible Camp, ladies and gentlemen.

Aiden 0318

Aiden is getting the hang of this roping thing. He swung a rope at a live steer on top of his very own horse this year! That’s more than I have ever attempted! Way to go Aiden!

Oh-So 0234

Addie and her pretty paint mare really had a blast too! Oh So loves to go! And she loves turning barrels and weaving poles! That makes for an enjoyable week!

RBC 0962

Dick and I spent most of our time at the rough stock arena, behind the chutes. This is Wyatt making a pretty good ride.

RBC 0094

And this is Wyatt...

RBC 0100

Making a pretty dramatic dismount.

RBC 0103

But there is always lots of help for the cowboys.

RBC 0013

Bull fighters learning their craft and helping the kids out.

RBC 0027

All with great attitudes and tons of smiles.

RBC 0186

Instructors Tyson Donovan, for the steer/bull riders. And Sylvan LaCross for the bareback riders and bull fighters.

RBC 0189

And new to RBC this year is Saddle bronc instructor Tyrell Smith with our saddle bronc riders. Two really great kids!

RBC 0124

I mean look at this picture of Shawn. This is just a good kid!

RBC 0132

Behind the chutes is where most of the action takes place. Doesn’t this look like a scene from John Wayne’s “The Cowboys?"

RBC 0154

A prayer before the rodeo...

RBC 0156


RBC 0137

And a little last minute instruction from dad.

RBC 0125

There are lots of important talks that take place.

RBC 0043

Really important talks!

RBC 0128

But toward the end of the week...

RBC 0050

Everyone starts to get a little tuckered out.

RBC 0192

Really tuckered out!

RBC 0254

But in the end the boys try to come out and make a good ride.

RBC 0257

And even when the ride doesn’t go as planned.

RBC 0273

They pick up their bull ropes.

RBC 0314

And give a high five on the way out!

Thanks to everyone at at Rodeo Bible Camp for another great year!

Here is a link to last year’s Rodeo Bible Camp post.

Royalty 0364

In other related/semi unrelated news: Addie is this year’s Mustang Days Rodeo Princess! Way to go darlin!

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