Wonderful Wyoming

It is January, time for New Year’s Resolutions (and for me that always includes getting organized. pft!) But in my meager attempt the first thing I must do is back up my photos. Seriously, people must do this and often!

While backing up my photos I found these lovely fall images taken in October up the South Fork of Cody and knew I must share them with you. Enjoy!


This is the home front before we left that day.

horses 2080

We were taking some horses up to some winter pasture.

South Fork 2108

This is where the lucky equines will winter. ah! Takes my breath away!

Rock 2110
South Fork 2109

South Fork 2112
Horses 3123

Thanks so much for joining us here at the barnyard! Come back soon!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013