Winter wonderland

When time marches on, it steps on your nose and tail, and leaves boot prints down your back.”

~ John R. Erickson, Hank the Cowdog

Happy 2014 Everyone!

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Welcome to the Barnyard!

Addie and Olaf 0125

After a brief cold snap early in December (mostly when we were cozily in Las Vegas) we have had relatively nice winter weather. Christmas Eve Eve was warm and full of perfect snowman snow.

DSC 0126

Riley and Gidget love the snow!

Riggin 0131

Riggin looks on, he is far too mature for those sorts of shenanigans!

IMG 2935

Winter weather makes me want to bake! And what would a barnyard blog be without some yummy home-style recipes? Plus I am totally addicted to Pinterest and I feel obligated to try at least a few of my pins! So here are the cookies my little chef-e and I decided to try. (Click the image to go to the original blog for the recipe.)

Aren’t the cookies beautiful and simple and elegant. What a great one to start my first recipe post. Right?

Mixer mess 2884

Wrong! Three ingredients in and this is the mess I have made. But wait there’s more.

Minutes later ol’ mini chef was mixing intently away when I heard a distressed noise and the mixer went off. Sure shootin’ the little gal got her hair stuck in the beaters. And when I say stuck I don’t mean just a little bit! I mean stuck tighter than a brahma bull trying to squeeze through a Powder River Panel.

Luckily there was only a little hair cutting involved before I could unwind the beaters and free my darlin’ girl. Needless to say, that was the end of the ambitions of doing a food story that night.

On another note - the cookies were pretty good.

Kitty Snuggles 2989

’Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring - Oh wait that’s another story!

At my house we had six 6-week-old puppies and three crazy kittens! They have taken over my house!

WAx 3001

Poor Stoney was running around and either she pulled, or one of the other puppies, pulled the cord to my Pink Zebra Wax melter (which was smelling deliciously like Farm House Apple Cider and was about to inspire me to write a glowing dissertation on the virtues of a Pink Zebra melter - my sister is a consultant if you want to learn more click here.)

Oh but - anyway Stoney got covered in melted wax. I was quickly to the rescue and in doing so got hot wax on the inside of my wrist, and it didn’t burn me, so I am sure Stoney wasn’t hurt, but she was quite uncomfortable and more than a little upset!

What gets candle wax out of puppy fur, you ask. Why peanut butter my friends, peanut butter. (Learn something new each day, huh?)

Milo 0155

And opening presents took on a whole new turn when they all had to be taste tested before we could go on with the festivities.

Aiden bible 0253

“For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord.” - Luke 2:11

In all the hustle and bustle, the buying, giving and receiving, the traveling and cooking and wrapping and packing, I hope we were all able to remember the true Reason for the Season and hold it in our heart all year long.

It is 2014! I can’t imagine what is planned for me this year, but I am ready to take it and run! How about you? Any awesome plans? New Year’s Resolutions? Goals and dreams? I want to hear about them all!

Thank you for joining me and we’ll see you back here again at the barnyard!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013