The Cowley Spring Rodeo

It's boots and chaps

It's cowboy hats

It's spurs and latigo

It's the ropes and the reins

And the joy and the pain

And they call the thing rodeo!

~ Rodeo - Garth Brooks


With the Cowley Spring rodeo, right here in Cowley, WY we start the rodeo season off with a bang!

Or - rather - a buck!


Booger Buck is his name.

The horse, not the cowboy. (But if you know me at all, you should know that is who I am referring to.)


Olympia is flying high. She is the Western Original’s darling.

She and I have a few differences we will need to work out if we are to ever to become friends.

That’s not likely, if you ask me the Western Original can only have one darling in his world. And it ain’t her!


Sibling Rivalry gave it a good shot.


I had to include a photo of some of our favorite pick up riders in the world doing what they do best. These are some real Wyoming Cowboys!


Feather Duster - Feathers for short, is proving her worth! I cannot wait to breed her to Billy the Kid and see what kind of massive bucking horse we get out of that pair!

Shall we name the baby Billy Feathers?


Strawberry Shortcake is a little firecracker!

“Look ma, no hands!” (the cowboy this time.)


“Ooof." (Also the cowboy.)


Vice, floating on air, or so it would seem. He’s quite a Wyoming bucking bull!


Remember Tooth Fairy? He can really buck! Not bad for a bull that enjoys back rubs and cucumbers, huh?


We haven’t officially named this paint horse. But he has earned one. He was named Pancho when we bought him, but that lacks a certain luster. We called him Crazy 8s at the rodeo, but…. maybe he needs a name more suited for him. Ideas? for the naming contest or comment below.

** Update - This horse had been named Freckles Plowboy!

Thanks for joining us for a great Wyoming rodeo! We hope to see you soon!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013