Lowrys Smokin’ Gun

May 28, 2014

DSC 0685

I had to share a few more photos of my new little guy.

DSC 0694

I just can’t get enough of him! And he tends to be a less-than-cooperative little model.

DSC 0696

But he is cute and leggy - that is for sure!

DSC 0700

His mom’s name is Lowrys Harlar Lady out of Lowrys Last Star from Lowry Star himself, going back to Lowry Hancock Jr.

DSC 0707

His dad is Josies Gun Slinger our of Mr. Silver Pistol who is and own son of Palygun, who is as we know out of Freckles Playboy! That’s on the top side.

Bottom side goes back to Doc O’lena, Smart Hickory, Doc’s General and Miss Gay Bar Cody.

Yes, I am throwing some big names about. Shamelessly. Happily and proudly.

2DSC 0750

Meet Lowrys Smokin’ Gun!

This wasn’t exactly the post I had planned for you today. But you know what they say about the best laid plans! Here at the barnyard they are sure to get mucked up!

Please come back soon!

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