April Fool’s Puppies

DSC 0673

These are Kelsey x Chief Miniature Australian Shepherd puppies that were born on April Fool’s Day.

DSC 0691

She had 11 of the little stinkers and she raised all of the fluffy, cute, chubby ear biters!

DSC 0725

It is an amazing, beautiful litter.

DSC 0810

Look at them!

DSC 0803

This is Gracie. She is a blue Merle Female Miniature Australian Shepherd.

DSC 0763A

Little Brave. He is a blue merle male Miniature Australian Shepherd.

DSC 0753

Sprinkles. Blue-eyed Wyoming ranch raised Miniature Australian Shepherd.

DSC 0890

All the puppies are sold and at their forever homes!

DSC 0839

They are just beautiful. Even if I do say so myself.

Thank you so much for joking us here at the Barnyard. Come back soon!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013