Everyday Miracles

For I remember it is Easter morn,

And life and love and peace are all new born.

~ Alice Freeman Palmer


This is Tooth Fairy, the bull. He was born about the same time as my son was loosing all his teeth. Thus the name. We have mellowed him out and made him a bit of a pet. Here he is enjoying one of his frequent back rubs. He also loves to be hand-fed cucumber and zucchinis. But it is too early in the growing season for that just yet.

He can also buck!


Gidget went on a road trip with us the other day. It was exhausting. For her. Apparently. Me, I just had a nice BIG ice tea!


My sister was able to come for a visit for Easter with her two munchkins. Little Sister, Chief and Gidget are all wanting to occupy my lap at the same time. It is just as I would want it!


My munchkins on the other hand, have grown out of the traditional egg hunts. They wanted a treasure-hunt-egg-hunt. Complete with map, clues and the whole x-marks-the-spot-schpeel. So - I did it.

These were hidden under the tail gate of the brown truck. It ended up being a harder spot than I originally imagined. The clue was, “The Easter Bunny is out of luck, He’s hiding eggs in a truck.”

Yeah, no Baxter Black... But not too bad! Especially when I had to come up with about a dozen or so clues, much like this one.

Hmmm… the tags on the truck are about to expire. Imagine that.


And the kiddos really loved it. My Little Cowgirl made this special egg for me.

Oh how will I ever crack such a masterpiece. How could I smush this piece of art. Oh how can I ever break this proclamation of love from my youngest?

Oh - never mind. I dropped it by accident. Way to go ma!


The puppies are growing. And people are starting to make their puppy picks. Before I even know it, they will be headed to their forever homes! Happy puppies, happy people.


And Mochi is still into EVERYTHING! As usual!


But Katniss is mellowing out.


The fields are turning green.


And we get to enjoy countless everyday miracles!

Thank you for joining us here at the barnyard. Please come back soon!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013