The Hunger Games - barnyard style

May 22, 2014

DSC 0957

I watched Prim playing with a mouse for about 5 minutes thinking, “That dog gone cat! I am never feeding her again if she can sit there and play with mice! Grrr!”

But then I remembered to grab my camera so I could complain about my worthless cat to you.

DSC 0958a

As soon as I got the camera to my eyeball, Katniss swooped out of no where and stole Prim’s mouse.

DSC 0960

The victor emerges from the cornucopia.

DSC 0962

And Prim is left to play the Hunger Games.

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Thanks for indulging my nerdy side today! Come back to the barnyard soon.

I will strive to use less fan girl references.

No promises.

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