January 26, 2015


Jack is smiling.


The girlies are smiling!

I am smiling!

The Western Original is smiling.

Everyone is smiling!

Do you want to know why January 24, 2015 was the Best-Day-Ever?!

Mini-Aussie-puppies 0760

Rainy had her puppies!

Mini-Aussie-puppies 0780

12 of the little darlings!

And so far all 12 are doing well! First vet check tomorrow and we will see how they are doing, but they are looking great!

There are 5 blue merles, 3 of those are female. There are 7 black tris. 2 of those are females.

I have started a pick list for this litter. If you want to be on it please give me a call at 307-254-3968.

If you are on the list and just want to double check I have your name down shoot me an e-mail here.

Mini-Donkey 0156

This is another reason I am smiling! Isn’t he adorable? And every time I hear him bray I just start cracking up! It is like the Apple Dumpling gang around here guys! I love it!

Mini-donkey 0030

Look at those ears! Don’t they make you want to smile?

Mini-Donkey 0035

And who wouldn’t smile looking at those eyebrows.


The only problem I am having is picking a name for him. Do you have any ideas? He is a boy and about 4-years-old. What should we call him? Please leave your comments below.

Thanks for joining me here at the barnyard! I will be posting more puppy pictures soon. Rainy is still a little protective of her puppies, but she is getting better.

Until next time!

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