The Darling Dozen - Day 4

January 29, 2015

the darling Dozen

Puppies! Rainy had a litter of 12 darling babies! They were born on January 24, 2015. I have a pick list started. If you would like to be on it please give me a call at 307-254-3968.

JAck x Rainy

Jack x Rainy

Jack is a 14” black tri with one blue eye and a brown one. He is cute and funny and has the working instinct. He has a tendency to throw some toy sized puppies. He is pretty calm. And he is the father to Chief.

Rainy is a 15” Blue merle female with icy blue eyes that I raised. She is the daughter to Kelly. The last time we crossed Rainy and Jack we had some toy sized puppies and some blue-eyed-tri puppies. Her last litter she had 11 puppies, she beat her record with this “Darling Dozen” Litter!

Mini-Aussie-puppies 0780

Puppies - 4 Days Old!

This is the earliest I have ever taken individual photos! (PS these were taken yesterday.)

I know my daughter has most of the puppies named already, but I can’t remember them all. I will get together with her later and get it down.

There is a lot of size variation in the Rainy x Jack litters. Last litter they had together the pups ranged from 11” and 12lbs to 15” and 25lbs. And already at this age I am seeing a size difference. So I have tried to list them in order of size, smallest to largest. So it goes smallest blue merle female to largest blue merle female, smallest black tri female to largest black tri female (they are actually pretty even those two.) Then the Blue merle male, who is one of the larger merles. Then the black tri boys from smallest to biggest. (If that makes any sense.)

Blue-Merle-female-Australina-Shepherd 0283

Blue Merle Female

Blue-Merle-Female-Miniature-Austrlian-Shepherd 0294

Blue Merle Female

Blue-Merle-Female-miniature-australian-shepherd 0305

Blue Merle Female

Blue-merle-female-miniature-australian-shepherd 0310

Blue Merle Female

Black-tri-female-miniature-australian-shepherd 0316

Black Tri Female

Black-tri-female-miniature-australian-shepherd 0325

Black Tri Female

Blue-merle-male-miniature-Australian-Shepherd 0365

Blue Merle Male

Black-tri-male-miniature-australian-Shepherd 0334

Black Tri Male

Black-tri-male-miniature-australian-shepherd 0340

Black Tri Male

Black-tri-miniature-australian-shepherd 0345

Black Tri Male

Black-tri-male-miniature-australian-shepherd 0353

Black Tri Male

Black-tri-male-miniature-australian-shepherd 0360

Black Tri Male

To see more pictures (and pictures of the puppies from the last litter click here.)

I price each puppy individually but mostly here is how they are priced - tri males $650, merle males and tri females $750, merle females $850. Blue eyed tris will be more.

FAQ page is up! Click here for more information!

Puppy Contract/Health GuaranteeRemember if you are buying a puppy from me you are agreeing to this contract whether you sign it or not.

You are also welcome to call me 307-254-3968 thanks! Erin

Thanks for joining me here are the Barnyard!

Until next time!

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