Courage is being scared to death...

Hey friends, where is John Wayne when we need him?


Oh I am loving these images I captured the other day. I am not sure which is my favorite. I love the pictures, but to me, it is so much more.

That is Bandit on the left, then Booger, Dental Plan and Shadow. Then ol' Short Straw on the right. I could write copiously on the virtues and characteristics of each of these boys.


So to me, it isn't just a pretty picture, it is a family portrait of sorts.

But a very lovely one! I love my boys. Kicking Bird snuck in for this one.

We have tons of pictures like this hanging on our walls or in our photo albums. People ask, "Who is this? Your brother?"

Well my nearest and dearest know this is Johnny Rebel. (And that there is no way my brothers would be sitting on a bucking horse.) But most people don't think of the picture being about the horse, they think it is the cowboy we are framing.

Wrong! I can't even tell for sure who the cowboy is in this picture. But the big red horse is my Johnny Rebel! Love that boy!

Just a different view I guess.


And speaking of views, let me share this with you! ** Warning ** It is a gripe! I bought this jacket from a Western clothing store. From a brand that markets to western people. I loved it! The color was perfect, the size just a bit big and comfy, the liner soft and cozy.

Then I fed hay in it.

I don't think I will ever, ever, EVER get all the little bits of grass/oats/alfalfa out. EVER. Why make clothes for people that work with livestock that will grab the hay and hold it? With as much as hay costs, I need every mouthful to go to my animals! Not stuck to my coat!!!

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