It's raining, it's poring….

Ok, so maybe I haven't "cracked" the Instagram code yet. Truthfully I am not really liking it, if I see one more picture of someone's gross looking green slush they are calling a smoothy I am going to throw my phone! (Not really. I just UN-follow them all with a vengeance!)


But I do love the quick effects you can just slap on your snapshots and make them look like photos. Check out my new truck!


Her maiden voyage here at the barnyard was to go round up these two renegade horses. They crawled over the fence. Aren't they beauties?! That is Gunner, my super-sweet stud and a pretty blue/gray filly named Fancy! Oh can you imagine the babies next year?!


We've been getting a lot of rain!


Like enough I think it is time to start building the ark!


It is cold and miserable. All you can hear is the squish and the suck and the splash as the horses trudge through the muck. Everyone sits alternately stodgily resigned to the wet and cantankerous and grumpy in the cold.


Some fun pictures...


We even had to load the new truck full of hay, since the windshield wipers on the old GMC don't work.


With all the cold and wet I decided it was time to break into some fall cooking. I stuffed this Hubbard squash from dad's garden full of yummy deliciousness and call it Shrek Stew. It was pretty good, we are still eating on it!


One final image that I am just really liking.

Thank you for joining us here at the muddy, mucky, cold and miserable, but we love it anyway Barnyard! Next time we will shoot for something a little bit more warm and cozy!

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Erin Stiver-Henson 2013