Rodeo Time!

May 6, 2015

Rodeo-Champion-never-give-up 0361



Cowley-Spring-ad 0156

The Cowley Spring Rodeo, our first rodeo of the year was last Saturday.

We had TONS of entries! The weather was beautiful!

Bareback-horse 0072

The horses bucked!

Awesome-Sauce-the-bull 0473

The Bulls bucked even better! Here is Awesome Sauce!

Tooth-Fairy-the-bull 0498

And remember my gentle giant, Tooth Fairy from here and here and here, turns out he didn’t forget how to buck over the winter. He came out and spun and jumped and kicked. Then trotted off to the out pen.

What a good boy! Extra cucumbers for him when the garden gets going!

Cowgirl-Bronc-Rider-Cayde 0657

But lets be honest, the best part of the rodeo is the wrecks! Here is my gal Cayde on coming off my horse Buckskin Sally.

Bareback-buck-off 0050

We had some awesome wrecks! Javier coming off El Bandito.

Saddle-Bronc-nose-dive 0235

Plus - no one got hurt bad, or even very much! Skinny diving off Freckles Plowboy.

Shadow-Bareback-horse 0275

This is Shadow, he is sort of a favorite!

Shadow-Bareback-horse 0290

He was really giving it a go! But the Cowboy held on for 8.

Shadow-BAreback-horse 0295

And was looking for the pickup man.

Shadow-Bareback-horse 0297

But I gotta tell you, it’s a bad sign when your pickup man makes this face.

Shadow-Bareback-horse 0298

Or this face.

Bottoms-up 0300

Bottoms Up!


Thanks for joining us here at the barnyard. Here is the entire tentative rodeo schedule for us for 2015 hope you can join us for the next one!

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